Generic Versions of Medication

After the expiration of a 20-year pharmaceutical patent, any company may seek to apply for permission to manufacture a generic version of that drug.  This process opens up the medication market for the consumer, driving down prices and opening up options and choices.  This process is common with all drugs and supplements.

Generig drugs

Modafinil is the current smart drug of choice across the world, being a popular option for professionals and students alike who wish to increase their work productivity, motivation, and attention to detail while being able to work at a high pace for long periods of time.  The main modafinil supplement comes in the form of Provigil ®, the brand that is sold across Pharmacies nationwide, providing you are in receipt of a prescription from your doctor.

Provigil ® may be prescribed for conditions such as narcolepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome or multiple sclerosis.  Provigil ® tablets can cost around $53 each, and until recently there was no competition for the company.  However, since the expiration of the 20-year patent, numerous companies are creating their own generic versions of Modafinil, such as Centurion Laboratories who have manufactured Vilafinil.

Generic versions of a medication open up the drug for a wide range of people, making the drug accessible to a wider audience and lowering the price to achieve competition and value for money.  It is advisable to note, however, that an increase in generic versions of a type of medication can result in scam companies deceiving individuals, providing incorrect products to those which were advertised, to allowing a longer delivery time than expected or that is reasonable, to sending no product at all.  More worryingly, quality control standards may decline, jeopardizing your health and wellbeing.


Afinil is the umbrella term given to several types of medication.  This includes modafinil which features under the brand names Provigil ®, Modalert and Modvigil, in addition to adrafinil which is known as Olmifon and finally armodafinil which is marketed as Nuvigil ®, Waklert, and Artvigil.  Interestingly, adrafinil was the first compound to be discovered by Lafon Laboratories in France, with notable similarities to the ADD/ADHD medications available at the time such as the Adderall amphetamine and the Ritalin methylphenidate.

However, these drugs provided side effects such as paranoia, social anxiety, and hallucinations, side effects which adrafinil did not cause.  Adrafinil was found to metabolize into two compounds once it had entered the body fully, modafinil and modafinilic acid.  While modafinilic acid is excreted from the body via the kidneys, modafinil remained in the bloodstream and stayed active.  Modafinil became the focus of further additional research due to the stimulant benefits which the drug possesses.  The other type of afinil is armodafinil, providing stronger effects and subsequently given in a smaller dosage.


Lafon Laboratories, the French-based company which discovered modafinil, was bought out by Cephalon Inc. for an impressive amount of $450 million.  They developed the drug, which they called Provigil ®, and acquired patents for the medication in addition to approval from the FDA.  The drug became a worldwide success in the treatment of narcolepsy as well as ADD/ADHD.  After the expiration of the 20-year patent in 2010, many pharmaceutical companies began to manufacture their own generic version of the drug, while providing cheaper prices.  All generic versions must adhere to a set of requirements so you can rest safe in the knowledge that the same effects will be felt as with the big branded modafinil.

Centurion Laboratories, based in India, have manufactured Vilafinil which is their own generic version of modafinil.  Vilafinil is a more cost-effective drug which is readily available, attaining a strong reputation and effective profile.  While the compound has remained the same as other modafinil supplements, the ratio of enantiomers in addition to the fillers utilized within the drug is somewhat different.

Purchasing Vilafinil

Purchasing online

The only place to purchase Vilafinil is online.  Modafinil brands such as Provigil ® are available from Pharmacies as long as you have a prescription from your doctor to assist a condition such as either narcolepsy or chronic fatigue syndrome.  Generic versions such as Vilafinil can only be purchased from websites such as Afinil Express.  Using a reputable website such as Afinil Express will ensure that you receive the product which you have ordered; the modafinil market is full of scam vendors who distribute poor quality items with ridiculous waiting times, so purchasing from a trusted vendor will save you a great deal of potential hardship.  Furthermore, visit Afinil Express and save 10% on all Vilafinil purchases through using the code MOD10.

Comparing Vilafinil


Vilafinil costs around $90 for 60 tablets, averaging a cost of around $1.50 per tablet which reduces the more tablets you buy.  For example, if you purchase an order of 500 tablets, Vilafinil will cost you $350 which results in each tablet costing you only $0.70.  In comparison to other generic versions of modafinil, such as Modalert, there is no difference in price when purchasing a bulk order of 500 tablets, however, Modalert does cost a few dollars extra when smaller purchases are made.  Another generic version of modafinil, Modvigil, costs around $10 extra for a 50 tablet order and over $20 extra for a 500 tablet order.  Regardless of which generic version of modafinil you purchase, you are making a substantial saving in comparison to the branded drug Provigil ® which can cost a staggering $2340 for an order of just 50 tablets.

Effect Profile

The effect profile of Vilafinil varies; as a generic version of modafinil, the drug should exhibit a similar experience, and many users report that Vilafinil does indeed compare well to Provigil ®, Modalert and Modvigil.  However, some users report that Vilafinil may provide around the same strength as Modvigil, although is somewhat weaker when compared to both Provigil ® and Modalert.

Company Reputation

Vilafinil is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, a well-known company based in India.  However, some of the reviews for Centurion Laboratories are less than favorable, with some negative reports circulating around some of their big selling products.  Products such as Cebforce 100, which is a generic version of viagra, and Tadalafil, which is a generic form of Cialis, have received negative press in recent years.  Additionally, a product recall for quality issues in 2017 which revolved around contamination of their cold and flu medications has harmed the company somewhat.


Being manufactured and distributed in India, which possesses more relaxed medicine laws, Vilafinil is therefore accessible and easy to ship globally and legally.  However, Vilafinil is a generic version which is less likely to be shipped outside of India, due to the quality control issues associated with Centurion Laboratories.

Limitations of Vilafinil

Centurion Laboratories has a poor reputation due to the before mentioned case of contamination and quality control issues.  While Vilafinil is no doubt one of the cheapest generic forms of modafinil on the market, the quality of the product is vital, and problems with quality control may jeopardize your health and wellbeing.  There are also theories online which question who actually makes Vilafinil due to discrepancies across the packaging, with some theorists suggesting that Vilafinil is the same product as Modaheal, albeit in different packaging.  Due to perceived negativity, few vendors actually sell Vilafinil.  An additional limitation of Vilafinil is the additional side effects caused by the drug, namely ‘skull bludgeoning migraines.’


The most highly recommended generic versions of modafinil are Modalert and Modvigil, providing a higher level of reliability in their relevant effect profiles despite utilizing the same active ingredient.  The price range of Modalert and Modvigil are similar to those of Vilafinil, and both medications are widely available online.  Additionally, there is an abundance of great reviews online for both Modalert and Modvigil, in clear contrast with the negative reviews and conspiracy theories surrounding Vilafinil.

Modafinil vendors such as Afinil Express are a safe and reputable company from which to purchase both Modalert and Modvigil.  You do not need a prescription, and the medication can be distributed worldwide.  Furthermore, if you are seeking a stronger version of modafinil which lasts so much monger, Afinil Express sell Armodafinil.  Afinil Express is offering you the chance to amass significant savings when purchasing armodafinil, through using the code MODAFINILORG at the checkout, when you order, to receive a 10% discount.


Modafinil is a useful substance for when you have got a tight deadline to finish or when you need additional power, motivation, and alertness to input a level of high performance within your career.  While the compound is a significant benefit to individuals suffering from conditions such as narcolepsy or chronic fatigue syndrome, modafinil has become popular globally as a nootropic smart drug, with increased popularity amongst professionals and students alike.

The rise of generic versions of modafinil has resulted in lower prices being achievable for the drug, providing wider usage and greater accessibility across society.  However, with more and more companies manufacturing and selling generic versions of modafinil, there is subsequently an increase in scam websites and poor quality products.

Centurion Laboratories, who manufacture Vilafinil, have experienced a significant level of controversy over the last few years and so it may be advisable to steer clear of their products until they have proven that the quality control procedures within the company have improved and that they have addressed any negative side effects to Vilafinil.

Alternatively, Modalert, which is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals, and Modvigil, which is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals, are both tried and tested drugs which are achievable at competitive prices with no prescription required.  Furthermore, there is an abundance of great reviews online about both Modalert and Modvigil, providing you with the reassurance that you are purchasing a quality product from a trusted manufacturer.


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