Modafinil is the most popular smart drug on the market, being used globally as a supplement to heighten your performance capability, motivation, and alertness.  Modafinil comes in a tablet form with a 200 mg dosage, but it does take over an hour for the effects of the drug to become apparent as it delves deep into your system.  If you need Modafinil to work quicker in order to reap the full benefits to your work performance, there is a quicker way to ingest the supplement.

Some individuals profess to crush their Modafinil tablet and then snort the supplement, enabling the drug to reach their system faster and provide quicker stimulant properties.  While this is common practice with some prohibited drugs, is it wise to snort a prescription medicine?  We will delve into the pros and cons of this method, in order to inform you of the benefits and limitations of snorting Modafinil.

Uses of Modafinil

Modafinil is a stimulant smart drug which doctors may prescribe for you if you have been diagnosed with sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea or chronic fatigue syndrome, or if you have been diagnosed with other medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia.

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Modafinil is a eugeroic and enables the user to feel fully awake as the brain is stimulated by the increased level of neurotransmitters such as histamine, orexin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.  The effects of this medicine are to heighten the alertness of the user, awakening them and providing them with an energy burst in order to live as normal a life as possible despite their condition.

Modafinil has quickly become popular with recreational users whose aim is to exploit the stimulant properties of the drug.  Professionals with highly stressed careers and students with tight deadlines have made use of the supplement, being able to turn a six-hour working day into a 15-hour intense work session.  Users of Modafinil have described how their work performance improves when using the drug, becoming more creative, attentive and focused on the tasks at hand.

It is important that such recreational users do not become reliant on the drug, however, ideally only using the supplement at specific points in their work or study calendar.

Purchasing Modafinil

While Modafinil is a prescribed drug which you can readily acquire from a Pharmacy, it is not possible to purchase this drug from a Pharmacy without a prescription.   Even with a prescription, each tablet will cost you at least $53, an amount which can spiral out of control with regular usage.

A much more economical way to purchase Modafinil, whether or not you have a prescription, is through accessing online companies such as Afinil Express.  Online companies are based in countries such as India and sell generic versions of Modafinil, as opposed to the big brand names which are bought from Pharmacies when in receipt of a valid prescription.  One 200 mg tablet of Modafinil costs only around $1 to actually make and so paying $53 per tablet from the Pharmacy is simply justified by branding; the same ingredients and potency are used in all Modafinil tablets, providing it is a 200 mg dosage.

Certain types of Modafinil which you may see for sale online from Afinil Express are Modvigil, Modalert, Artvigil, and Waklert.  When visiting Afinil Express, use the code MODAFINILORG at the checkout in order to receive an additional 10% off your order.

Is it Safe to Snort Medication?

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Insufflation, or snorting a substance, involves forcing the substance into a body cavity, either through your own lung capacity or through using a specific applicator.

There are some benefits in using insufflation in regards to other medicines, such as aerosolized asthma medication which contributes to reducing any inflammation and swelling across the lungs.  Asthma medications are regularly used daily by millions of people throughout the world and of course, are capable of being a life-saving drug.  Using insufflation in regards to anesthesia is also a huge benefit, ensuring that an individual remains unconscious throughout an operation.

Additionally, some migraine medications are also applied in this way such as Onzetra Xsail ® and come complete with a special applicator to insert one end into your mouth while the other end fits into your nose.  When you blow through the mouthpiece, the substance is forced up your nose, and the medication can begin to work, combatting your symptoms.  Similarly, flu vaccines may be administered in this way and are regularly offered as a nasal inhalation vaccine.

Why Snort Medication?

Snorting some medicines can provide a faster-acting relief for individuals and their symptoms.  The medication is able to reach your bloodstream in only a few seconds, ensuring that the benefits of the medication are able to fight your symptoms quickly.  As well as providing a more direct journey for the substance to reach the bloodstream, the drug is able to enter the nose and penetrate the thousands of blood vessels at the back of your nose, ensuring that the substance can easily and efficiently provide a benefit.

In comparison with ingesting the tablet orally, the substance must tackle various obstacles first before it can reach your bloodstream, therefore taking over an hour before any benefits can be felt.  You may also find that through ingesting Modafinil orally, you actually lose around half of the supplement dosage which is alternatively absorbed during the journey.

Furthermore, snorting Modafinil ensures that the substance does not become absorbed through the liver immediately.  The liver is able to detoxify the blood and metabolizes the chemicals present into much smaller, inactive, water-soluble compounds.  When ingested orally, the substance enters the bloodstream before it enters the liver, resulting in the majority of the substance flowing directly to the liver where much of it is subsequently processed.  Consequently, the effects may be slow as many active components of the substance may have been removed.

Snorting the substance ensures that it enters the bloodstream a long way away from the liver, decreasing the possible metabolism rate and increasing the fast-acting effects of the drug.  The effects of Modafinil will, therefore, be much more effective as there is limited wastage yet a faster-acting and more potent effect.  Snorting Modafinil also increases the bioavailability of the supplement in comparison to orally ingesting the drug.

Should I Snort Modafinil?

Of course, Modafinil can be snorted providing you crush the tablet into a powder form.  However, should you snort it?  Do the benefits outway any potential risks?

Just because a substance can be snorted does not necessarily mean that it should be snorted.  Interesting, a company named Legal Lean have created a new product called Coco Loko which is a ‘snortable chocolate’ which promises to provide the user with a steady buzz.  But why would anyone actually want to snort chocolate?

Modafinil can be thought of in the same way.  Cephalon Inc, the very first company to manufacture Modafinil, researched in depth the inefficiency of Modafinil absorption.  They discovered that if the dosage was adjusted accordingly in relation to the absorption rate, then the effect of the substance remains the same.

Therefore, if an individual needed a 100 mg dose of Modafinil, the dosage would be adjusted to 200 mg due to the acknowledgment that around half of the compound would be lost by the time it was absorbed into the bloodstream.  Therefore, there really is no need to snort Modafinil in order to achieve strong effectiveness.

In addition, when purchasing Modafinil online from a company such as Afinil Express, one tablet of a generic version of Modafinil only costs between $0.80 to $2.80, therefore providing a low-cost medication reasonably priced for regular use.  Snorting Modafinil has its risks such as harming your nasal passage; you are able to acquire strong potency Modafinil at a very low price, so why risk your health?

While those who snort Modafinil state that the substance enters your bloodstream faster, therefore providing quicker benefits when you need it most.  However, is around one hour really too long for you to wait?  Most users of Modafinil use the drug to provide heightened performance capability and alertness when a big project or deadline is due, and so it is reasonable to assume that the user can plan their usage and time this effectively.

Users of Modafinil are prepared to spend numerous hours working or studying and so waiting for one hour to feel the results of the drug should be a reasonable requirement.

Problems With Snorting Modafinil

Tablets such as Modafinil are not manufactured to be snorted and so will contain binders or fillers which stop the tablet from falling apart, yet can be extremely harsh on your nasal passage.  They can hurt the capillaries which line your nostrils.  Other substances which are designed to be snorted do not contain binders or fillers.

You could, in theory, remove the fillers from the powder once you have crushed a Modafinil tablet, although the process is not that easy.  To do this, you will have to dissolve the substance into a solvent and then recrystallize it, purifying the modafinil.  Alternatively, you could spin a mixture of Modafinil and solvent at a high speed, separating the compound by weight.  These are very complicated methods, however.

How to Snort Modafinil Safely

On the whole, it is not recommended to snort Modafinil as it can damage your nostrils, be difficult to correctly follow processes and overall is unnecessary with no proven benefits.  However, if you still want to try it, you must adhere to the following guidance in order to snort Modafinil safely.

Firstly, you need to grind the Modafinil tablet into a fine powder, ideally through using a mortar and pestle.  If any large chunks of Modafinil are snorted, you may feel a great deal of discomfort and even pain as your capillaries are damaged.  Bleeding may ensue, and your sense of smell may be severely affected.  Sinus infections may also be more common for you to develop due to the damage.

You could then take a razor blade and slice any remaining lumps, just to ensure that the powder is as fine as possible, preferably being finer than dust.  Another way to ensure that your powder is suitable is through sieving the powder through a 5-micron screen or a 10-micron screen.

An additional factor to consider when snorting Modafinil is that you should only use a 100 mg dosage.  A smaller dose will achieve the same effects as a larger dose when ingested orally, be careful to adhere to this or risk undesirable side effects.

When snorting Modafinil, you could roll up a piece of paper and snort it up your nostril, or you can purchase a special applicator, ensuring that one nostril does not receive more of the substance than the other, evenly distributing the drug.


Although it is possible to snort Modafinil, we do not recommend it.  It is unnecessary and potentially damaging.  Furthermore, additional damage may be caused by not preparing the powder effectively or by using an incorrect dose.

When a company prepares a dosage of medication, the dose is not calculated lightly.  Many factors are taken into consideration, such as the potential wastage when ingested orally, and so mistakes may be made when preparing the powder by using an incorrect dosage.  It is important to remember that only 100 mg of Modafinil or less is safe to snort as the standard 200 mg Modafinil tablet is created for oral ingestion.

Furthermore, as Modafinil is not intended to be snorted, the tablets contain fillers and binders necessary for tablets but which can be harmful to your nostrils if snorted.  You may experience pain, nosebleeds, a decline in your sense of smell and a tendency to develop sinus infections if you regular snort Modafinil.

Overall, there is no need to snort Modafinil.  As proven through the research of Cephalon Inc, a 200 mg dose of Modafinil takes into account the wastage of the substance before reaching your bloodstream, therefore ensuring that the effect which ingesting Modafinil orally does not decline in comparison with snorting the substance.

The user does have to wait around an hour after ingesting the Modafinil tablet orally before feeling any benefits of the supplement, but it is good to remember that Modafinil is not a party drug. Modafinil is a smart drug which promotes a longer working efficiency and heightened alertness, enabling professionals and students alike to tackle high workloads and tight deadlines.  The benefits of Modafinil are vast, and as with many things in life, quite often something that good is just worth waiting for.


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