ModUp was one of the largest modafinil vendors in the world. This company has paved the way for all modafinil vendors that are now coming up to the surface online.

Unfortunately, ModUp is one of the increasing online modafinil vendors who has been forced to shut their doors.

Running a modafinil store is incredibly difficult, and we are seeing so many companies being forced to shut down as they cannot keep up with the changing laws and regulations.

ModUp was one of the most popular modafinil online stores, and now many are looking for the next best thing.

What Was ModUp? was an online seller of generic brands of modafinil. Unlike many other modafinil sellers, this website would only stock the generic brand Modalert.

Although this ensured that customers were getting great rates and competitive pricing, when compared to brand-name modafinil, there was a lack of choice. It could be this lack of choice that led to their downfall.

There are so many online vendors of modafinil that offer multiple brands and give their customers a choice on dosage, brand name, and actual nootropics.

When they were running, many considered ModUp to be a ‘faceless’ company due to the fact they seemed to offer no information on their philosophy, location or even who was running the business.

This made a lot of customers skeptical as when shopping online for any kind of substance or stimulant, it is important that you are using reputable vendors. As there was no information surrounding ModUp, many people were unwilling to spend money and attempt to use the products they offered.

It was rumored that ModUp could have been operating from the United States, although this is incredibly unlikely, as most modafinil vendors are located overseas due to the regulations that are present. Just as many rumors believed that ModUp was located in the Philippines.

Now the company has been shut down, we will never know the exact location of ModUp.

Why Was ModUp Popular?

White tablets on a violet jar

Despite this lack of information and slight distrust from a lot of the nootropic community, ModUp was a popular modafinil vendor during the time it was running.

They were actually leaders in the modafinil community due to excellent customer care, user service, and improved web design.

ModUp also has a few significant benefits when compared to their competition of the time. Online modafinil vendors that are still running could learn a lot from ModUp.

  • Customer Service

ModUp was a popular modafinil vendor due to their excellent customer service and user-friendly features. This website offered a guaranteed delivery on all their products, which meant that they could be trusted.

Shipping modafinil can be difficult due to the various regulations and restrictions that are present in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Ordering modafinil online is likely to come with the risk of being seized by border controls in any of these countries. This means that modafinil vendors, like ModUp, have to use innovative techniques to ensure that their orders will be delivered to their customers.

In order to combat this threat from custom controls, ModUp offered to re-ship any orders that did not make it to their customers.

Although this is a good idea, and a great incentive to get people to shop with ModUp, it is incredibly expensive to uphold. Having to ship more products every time that there is an issue with custom controls somewhere in the world is likely to have cost too much for the company to cope with.

This is why ModUp would refuse to ship modafinil or any other of their products to certain locations. This may have saved the company money and hassle at the time, but obviously decreased their customer base and may have been a significant factor in their shutdown.

Many other modafinil vendors offer to ship to all locations and rely on innovative packaging and labeling to ensure that their orders slip through custom controls unnoticed.

One such vendor is Afinil Express.

  • Community Forum

ModUp were well-known for their community forum, which was perhaps one of the most active in the industry.

This forum served as a place for customers and those in the nootropic community to discuss topics surrounding modafinil, give advice and have a greater connection to the brand.

  • Bitcoin Discount

ModUp offered what is still considered to be the highest Bitcoin discount in the modafinil industry.

When customers used Bitcoin during their order, they could receive an incredible 33% discount on their products. This was a great incentive for customers to use this new form of currency and prevent any issues with credit card companies.

Using Bitcoin with online modafinil vendors is more discrete and allows both the customer and the company to side-step any fees or restrictions that credit card companies operate.

Why Did ModUp Close?


Although ModUp was one of the most popular modafinil vendors for a large proportion of its time online, there were a lot of complaints.

The official reason for the shutdown of ModUp is still unclear, despite their release of statements since. However, by looking at the issues of the company, we may find our answer.

  • Limited Product Catalog

One of the biggest complaints to surround ModUp was the fact that they had a very limited modafinil catalog.

Most online vendors offer a range of brands and dosages, which is why they are preferred for both those who need modafinil for a prescription or as a lifestyle aid.

Afinil Express is one such vendor that offers a range of generic brands of modafinil, giving customers a great choice and competitive pricing.

The industry standard is to offer:

+  Modvigil
+  Artvigil

ModUp only sold Modalert, which is just one of the generic brands of modafinil.

  • Additional Shipping Charges

ModUp charged a flat rate for shipping, which is quickly becoming unheard of in the modafinil community.

Although the shipping rates ModUp used were still of good value, $12.57 for a 21-day delivery or $22.67 for 7-day delivery, most modafinil vendors do not charge at all.

Afinil Express offers free shipping on all orders, making a lot of ModUp customers turn elsewhere for their nootropics.

  • Limited Shipping

In order to combat custom charges and from having their deliveries captured by border security, ModUp would not ship to certain locations.

This included Canada, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other locations around Europe.

Although this makes sense and prevents the company from lying to their customers, it does prevent a huge proportion of the modafinil community from using ModUp services.

Afinil Express and other modafinil vendors will ship your order to any location around the world.

  • Store Location

It has been speculated that ModUp was in fact located within the United States, which would have caused them a lot of legal issues.

Modafinil can only be purchased within the United States with a valid prescription, and custom controls have strict regulation on any other substance entering the country. This is why most modafinil vendors are based in India, where there are no regulations.

If ModUp was located within the United States, it is likely that they were forcibly shut down by the federal government.

Where Can I Get Modafinil From Now?

There is an increasing number of modafinil vendors that are shutting down, either through force or voluntary.

This is due to the changing restrictions on modafinil in certain countries, as well as difficulties from custom controls and customer demands. A lot of modafinil vendors that are still running are being forced to constantly come up with innovative ideas in order to guarantee delivery to their overseas customers.

Now that ModUp, Duckdose, and ModafinilCat are all no longer in business modafinil users are desperate for a new alternative.

Afinil Express is perhaps the best remaining modafinil vendor.

This company is using some of the best-loved features of ModUp and other modafinil vendors in order to keep their customers happy and loyal. This includes:

+  A great product range of generic brands
+  Similar discounts for various payments
+  Discreet shipping
+  Guaranteed delivery of orders
+  Incredible customer record

Afinil Express offers a great selection of both modafinil and armodafinil to ensure that there is something for everyone. Armodafinil is the stronger version of modafinil and can have a more intense effect on users.

Afinil Express also has a great resource library that can give customers all the information they need on the company, how it operates and where they get their products from as well as information on modafinil and other nootropics.

Final Note: Customer Warning

When ordering modafinil online, you need to make sure that you are using a reputable vendor and are purchasing quality products to keep safe.

There are a lot of scam websites and sellers out there which you need to protect yourself from.

We recommend using Afinil Express if you want to use modafinil for your sleep condition, ADHD or as a lifestyle aid.


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