Modafinil became very popular once people started to discover that this type of medication is usually used for conditions like narcolepsy, but it could actually be used to enhance people’s work rate too.

Since then lots of companies all over the world have been producing their own versions of Modafinil, and they have been selling it to different pharmaceuticals ever since. In fact, Modaheal is actually quite new to the market because it only joined in 2017.

Although, Modaheal has actually been criticized for being just a rebrand of a medication called Vilafinil. This is another medication that is extremely similar, however, this theory has never been proven.

We’re going to tell you everything about Modaheal, plus, what other people have been saying about it, and the ways it’s different from other medications that are similar. We’re also going to tell you how you can purchase Modaheal and get it sent to your door.


So, what exactly is Modaheal?

It’s actually just a generic type of Modafinil. Modaheal is actually produced by a company called Healing Pharma, and it is located in Mumbai, India.

Both of these medications, Modafinil and Modaheal, have the same 200mg doses, however, there is one difference, and that is that you can also purchase Modafinil in a 100mg dose.

The reason why it’s so popular is that it’s actually marketed, so people know that it will enable them to stay awake and focused.


What is Healing Pharma?

Healing Pharma is just a company that produces various types of medications. They are quite a new company and only started producing products in 2017.

They have previously stated that their aim is to actually produce generic drugs that are a much more affordable price, which they have proven to be very true to this, so far.

Here are some of the medications that they have produced: a painkiller, antibiotics, skincare products, anti-smoking medications, women’s health products, psychotropics, antifungals, and the list goes on.

The company has been working very hard since they were launched and they have been dramatically widening the number of different products that they have.


So, is Healing Pharma’s version of Modafinil (Modaheal) any good?

A lot of people have been reviewing this drug, and on the Healing Pharma website, they have said that their quality control is one of their core values.

However, we want to know if they really are as good as they sound and if they do produce high-quality medications at cheaper prices.

There’s a statement on their website, which tells you all about their missions. It basically says that their mission is to produce the same top quality drugs at more affordable prices; so common people will have the money for them.

It should be noted that the actual statement that they have made is of quite a poor quality, which really makes you question them quite a bit. It also makes you want to know what their viewpoint on quality control is.

In fact, there’s actually a section on their website all about quality. When you read this section it seems like they are making quite a lot of false statements, for instance, they claim that they are “one of the best global pharmaceutical companies.”

It’s obvious that their website isn’t up to the highest quality that it could be, which makes you question their products even more. It doesn’t help that most of what they have said on their website, has explained their quality control in a poor way.


Anyhow, where can you actually purchase Modaheal? And how much does it cost?

You can easily find Modaheal online, and there are a couple of websites that are currently selling it. It’s best to compare them though because each of them does have different pricing.

  1. sModabits– This website is very popular for selling Modafinil online. It is stated on their website that for 40 pills it is $37, while 300 pills are $154. The only problem is that you can only pay by Bitcoins on this site, so it works out that each 200mg pill is actually between $0.51- $0.92 USD.
  1. Afinil Express– This website is also very popular when it comes down to selling Modafinil online. On their website, it is stated that Modalert is between $0.98-$2.80 per tablet. However, this actually depends on how many you decide to order. Another generic version of this is Modvigil, and this is listed between $0.80-$2.10 per tablet.

Afinil Express is more expensive compared to modabits, but you do need to consider that they both offer discounts, plus, they have different methods of paying. This is because modabits will only allow you to pay via Bitcoin, while Afinil Express will allow you to pay either using Bitcoin or credit card.

You may find that if you want to pay by a credit card, it might actually cost you a bit more. This is because pharmaceutical companies that sell products online do find it difficult to process a credit card transaction; therefore, it’s easier to use cryptocurrencies.

One bonus about using the Bitcoin method of payment is that when you pay by using Bitcoin on the Afinil Express website, they will actually give you a 20% discount. This means that the Modalert and modvigil will actually cost you between $0.78-$2.24 and $0.64-$1.68. This does make it cheaper for you, however, if you want to order 300 tablets each time it will make it a little bit more expensive.

One way that you can make it cheaper is by entering the code: MODAFINILORG when you go to the checkout. This code will actually get you another 10% off your bill. This means that each Modafinil tablet will cost you as low as $0.70 per tablet.

To make it easier for you to read we’ve created a table so you can easily compare the different medications, their prices and where they are sold.



credit cards in rear pockets of jeans

What it will cost you if you use a credit card:


Afinil Express Modabits
Modalet $0.80
Modvigil $0.98-$2.80
Modaheal $0.51-$0.92


What it will cost you if you apply the discounts:


Afinil Express Modabits
Modalert $0.51-$0.92
Modvigil $0.78-$2.24
Modaheal $0.64-$1.68


Are Modaheal and Vilafinil the same?

There are quite a lot of conspiracies about whether these two medications are actually just the same, and whether it’s actually just been rebranded.

This is because people have been reporting on Reddit that on some of the Modaheal packaging it says Centurion Laboratories, however, this hasn’t been confirmed.

This isn’t the only reason though because when you research the Healing Pharma company and a company called Sava Global, they do actually have some connections.

Sava Global is actually an umbrella company that is linked with other big pharmaceutical brands, for instance: Sun Pharma and INTAS. Although, nobody is completely sure how much these companies are linked.


Anyway, what is the actual comparison between Modaheal and other generic Modafinil medications?

This is only our opinion, but we found that Modaheal has more of moderate strength. We also found that Modaheal worked pretty much the same way any other forms of Modafinil did, and it had all the same effects, so there wasn’t much difference overall.

We also discovered that the price of both of them was about the same and Modaheal wasn’t that much cheaper even after applying some of the discount codes and by purchasing the drug with Bitcoin. So overall, there wasn’t much difference.



Modaheal is just another version of Modafinil, but a new company called Healing Pharma, which is actually based in India, has made it.

This is a fairly new product as the company was only launched in 2017; therefore, there aren’t that many reviews about Modaheal just yet. However, we did find that it is slightly weaker than Modalert.

Overall, we recommend that you should use brands that have been tried and tested more, just because we don’t know the true quality of this drug.