Modafinil is a very popular medication, and there are actually more than 20 different generic versions of the drug in the whole world. A lot of them tend to have a very similar name to the original, which is Provigil.

The only reason they need to have a similar name is that if they don’t then they will not qualify as a generic medication.

There is one difference between all of the different generic versions of Modafinil and that’s the fact that each one will have different effects, quality, and strengths. Modafresh is one of the newest versions of Modafinil to be sold worldwide. In fact, they are so new on the market that nobody has actually reviewed them yet, even the very well known nootropic websites haven’t reviewed them.

Therefore, we’ve done all of the investigating of information that you need to know, which includes about the company itself and the medication.


So, what is Modafresh?

These tablets are rounded, and they come in either 100mg or 200mg, plus, the pills are unmarked. They do contain the active constituents, D- and L- Modafinil , which makes them a generic version of Modafinil .

The reason why Modafresh is actually classed as a generic version is that it contains the same doses compared to the original Modafinil. The only factor that may differ is the type and amount of fillers that the company will use when they are being manufactured.

This means that Modafresh should have the exact same effect profile as the original Provigil.


Modafresh’s effect profile

It’s very difficult to find reviews about this medication because it is so new. Therefore, we did really struggle to find some, and when we did find some, there wasn’t an awful lot to compare them to.

One reviewer suggested that Modafresh was a very good form of Modafinil and that they actually considered it to be their second favorite.

However, Modafresh is actually considered to be slightly weaker than other versions of Provigil, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing because if you prefer the drug to be a little more moderate, then it’s perfect for you.

Modafresh’s benefits

Many medications like Modafresh are actually used to be able to treat a certain sleeping disorder, like narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a disorder that will make people fall asleep suddenly, therefore, they may need to use medication to be able to keep themselves awake.

Another reason why doctors may prescribe people with Modafinil or something similar is if they have ADHD or ADD. This is because Modafinil is actually able to increase the amount of dopamine in your brain. Therefore, people that do have ADHD or ADD may struggle to focus on one thing. When dopamine is increased in the brain, it will allow someone to focus a lot, which is why Modafinil is used.

There are other reasons why people do want to use Modafinil , and this is because if you’re a student, then it’s able to keep you awake for longer so you have more time to study and you will concentrate more.

Not only this, but people that work in jobs with long hours, like a pilot may also need to take them, as it will keep them more alert.

Are there any problems with buying Modafinil?

In a lot of countries Modafinil is actually a prescription-only medication, therefore it can be difficult for people to get hold of. If you do manage to get a prescription for it, then it can also be quite expensive to purchase as well, as it can cost up to $1500 per month.

There is a solution that solves both of these problems, which is to purchase them online.

Websites sell Modafinil prescription free, and each tablet will roughly cost you around $3. Obviously, prices may vary on each site, but it’s still a lot cheaper.

Are the companies that make Modafresh reliable?

Sunrise Pharmaceuticals owns Modafresh, and this is actually an American company. They do specialize in generic medications and are quite similar to HAB Pharmaceuticals.

Sunrise Pharmaceuticals are actually quite a new company, and their very first generic medication got approved in 2014, and then it actually launched in 2015. They do have more plans for the future, which includes producing new medications.

Another thing to be aware of is that Sunrise Pharmaceuticals are a private company and most other companies that are similar tend to be publicly held corporations.

What’s the difference between private and public?

Private companies actually have a very small number of shareholders, and they will not offer the public an opportunity to purchase any stocks (shares). The only way they tend to sell shares is privately between people.

Whereas, a public company will allow members of the public to purchase shares in their company, which you can purchase through the stock market.

There isn’t that much of a big difference between the two, and it won’t mean that a private company is a small company, for instance, Ikea is a private company.

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Are there any negatives about private companies?

There are some negative points about private companies, and it may even change your mind about whether or not you should purchase any of their products. Plus, another point to know is that members of the public will not be allowed to purchase any shares in the private company.

1. They can actually have quite a poor transparency

It’s not essential that private companies have to publish a lot of information to members of the public. This isn’t always a negative thing, but it does allow a company to hide information if they want to.

This is quite an important point because you would want a pharmaceutical company to be as transparent as they possibly can about the medications that they are producing and might be in the future. This is because it will make you be able to trust their products more.

If a company is public, then they do have better transparency with the members of the public. Not only this, but the media will also be able to access more information from them. This is because it’s actually illegal if they don’t provide this information, and one piece of information they must always share is their quarterly and yearly profits.

2. They don’t have as much interest from members of the public

This is because people don’t have any information about what is going on with the company financially or they may not be aware of any decisions that they may be making.

Whereas, if the company is owned by the public then they will tend to have more interest in it, because they may actually be involved with the business in some way or another.

If members of the public can purchase a little bit of ownership of the company then it generally makes them more interested in it, therefore, they tend to get quite a lot more support.

3. They can be smaller compared to companies that are held by the public

Back in 2017, Boehringer Ingelheim was placed at number 17 of the wealthiest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This is a publicly held company, and the other 16 that were above this are also publicly owned companies.

When you compare the public and the private pharmaceutical companies, they do tend to be quite a bit bigger.

4. Less regulation

This is a very important factor that everyone must consider before purchasing any medication from a private company.

Private companies are able to get away with negative press and even quality control problems as well. This isn’t very good when medications and drugs are involved, as they can directly affect the sensitive tissues in your brain.

The difference between the regulations of private and public companies is quite different. This is because public companies have a more significant level of scrutiny and they have to be a lot more transparent. Therefore it means that they are more likely to be a lot more ethical.

However, not all private companies are negative, and some may be very willing to share all of their information, it really depends on the company.


So, what does this mean if you take Modafinil?

A lot of people do prefer purchasing medications from companies that are actually public, and this is what we prefer as well. This is because you will be able to know everything about them; for instance, their manufacturing regulations, their quality control, and they have to legally provide this information.

This is something that Modafresh doesn’t have because it’s a private company.

What’s our final opinion about Modafresh?

It’s a very new version of Modafinil, and there are not that many reviews about it because it is so new. However, when we have read reviews about it people have said that it’s very similar to modvigil, but a little bit less intense compared to a 200mg modalert tablet.

Sunrise Pharmaceuticals is the company that makes modafresh, and they are very new to the medication industry, plus, they are a private company, which does come with a lot of negative factors. For instance, they don’t have as much transparency; therefore, they are able to get away with things more easily. Plus, it means that they don’t have to share any of their information, which can actually be quite crucial.

This is even more important especially when you’re taking medication because you will want to know as much information as possible, as these drugs are able to interact with the tissues and signals in our brains.

To conclude, we always advise people to purchase medications from publically owned companies, as they tend to be more trustworthy

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