You feel really bad. You have taken Modafinil for five days straight. Your tolerance for Modafinil is all messed up and you have spent an entire day browsing Airbnb rentals in just about every city around the globe.

You have wasted an entire of smart drug usage, which is far from ideal. You are drained mentally and baffled that you haven’t made the most of the benefits of nootropics. So, you go online, curious about whether it is possible to use Modafinil too much. You want to know whether Modafinil tolerance is actually a real thing.

Perhaps you have been using the 200mg of Modalert too much. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened. It is possible to become tolerant to the effects of Modafinil after you use it too often. Numerous other users of the drugs have reported experiencing similar findings.

Tolerance to Modafinil is all too common. Numerous users of smart drugs have come to the realization that it is important to identify the ideal f and cycle your nootropics. If you fail to this, the effects will quickly wear off.

Disclaimer: The writer is neither a lawyer nor a doctor and this neither medical nor legal advice. This article is only for entertainment purposes. It is always advisable to consult with a medical professional before you take a nootropic such as Modafinil.


Modafinil Tolerance & Science

Now, there are several tips to share when addressing Modafinil tolerance and dosage, but it is important to first look at some science before getting too far. The evidence should not all be anecdotal, which is why there are 3 studies referenced here talking about Modafinil tolerance, dosage, and effects.

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The studies might not provide useful advice on the consumption of Modafinil and the language they use is mostly targeted towards the scientific community. However, you will find them useful if you wish to understand how Modafinil works on a deeper level:

  • A systematic review of Modafinil: Potential clinical uses and mechanisms of action
  • Modafinil: A review of neurochemical actions and effects on cognition
  • Long-term efficacy & safety of Modafinil for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness that’s associated with narcolepsy


What is Tolerance?

Tolerance refers to the observation or realization that the effects of a particular drug may diminish over time because of habitual usage.

Tolerance to a particular drug may become a major problem. While the focus here is tolerance to smart drugs, major issues with tolerance typically stem from tolerance to pain relief medication or antibiotics.

Imagine having chronic pain, but being tolerant of anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers. You would have a serious problem on your hands.

Similar problems may arise when you rely on antibiotics for curing a common cold. The bacteria might become tolerant to some strains of antibiotics, which would be a problem if you have an issue that requires the use of antibiotics but the drugs are unable to fight off the bacteria.

The scenarios above might seem or sound like dire issues and they have the potential to grow into serious problems. However, the good news is that it is possible to reverse tolerance.


Types of Tolerance Tolerance

is of three different types including:

  • Behavioral tolerance

  • Pharmacodynamic tolerance

  • Pharmacokinetic tolerance

When it comes to Modafinil tolerance, the vast majority of users just have to worry about behavioral problems. Such tolerance involves the effects of Waklert 150mg, which is what people that use Modafinil experience once they start using it too often.


7 Tips for Keeping Your Modafinil Tolerance Tamed

If you plan to start taking Modafinil or feel that you may have started to develop a tolerance to the nootropic, then here are a few tips for you to use. Here is how you can manage or avoid Modafinil tolerance:

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Don’t Develop Tolerance

The first thing is to ensure that you never develop a tolerance. A proactive approach is the best medicine. Do not develop Modafinil tolerance to begin with.

Avoid taking the nootropic every day. Just take between 100 and 200 mg a day. You should also avoid using it back-to-back days.

If you follow the three tips above, it is highly unlikely that you ever have to deal with Modafinil tolerance.


Limit Your Usage

The best way to avoid issues with your Modafinil tolerance and dosage is limiting your usage. If you use it too much, you will eventually develop a tolerance to Modafinil. It is just how pharmaceutics and tolerance work.

Here is the best way to take Modafinil if you want to avoid developing dosage issues:

  • Take Modafinil 1 to 4 times weekly
  • Take 100 to 200 mg a day and never take over 200mg in a single dose.

If you follow the two rules above, you will never have too many tolerance issues with your Modafinil usage.


Never Use It on Back-to-Back Days

Avoid taking the nootropic on consecutive days to further protect yourself against Modafinil tolerance. If you avoid taking Modafinil on back-to-back days, you make sure that the effects of the drug stay strong.

People that develop major issues with smart drugs and tolerance end up abusing them, which means taking the drug on a daily basis and once the effects dwindle, they increase the dosage.

Avoid doing that. Never take Modafinil on back-to-back days.


Take Breaks

If you have been using Modafinil 1 to 4 days weekly for a few months straight, you will need to take a break from the nootropic.

It is advisable to use Modafinil once or twice weekly for about two months straight and then stop taking it completely for two full weeks.

If you don’t take it for two weeks straight, your body will reset its tolerance levels. Once you come off a break from the nootropic, you will start feeling it stronger than ever when you start using it once more.

Usually, a 1-week to 1-month break is all that’s needed to reset your tolerance levels.


Cycle-Smart Drugs

Cycling your nootropics is another way you can avoid becoming reliant on Modafinil. If you are a hustler or a digital nomad, you probably use nootropics all week.

However, you should be careful to avoid becoming reliant on smart drugs. While Modafinil is more preferable to other smart drugs, there are some excellent alternatives out there.

If you want to learn more about Modafinil alternatives click here

If you plan to be using nootropics 5 to 7 days a week, you should have between 2 and 3 different products to cycle through.


Limit Other Drugs & Stimulants

Limit your exposure to other stimulants and drugs on the days when you take a smart drug. Avoid mixing smart drugs. If you take Modafinil today, don’t take some ALPHA Brain too. Avoid mixing nootropics on the same day because it is just a recipe for disaster. You should also avoid taking other stimulants when you take Modafinil. Fresh, organic coffee is the only thing that’s recommended mixing with the smart drug. Everything else is a little too much.


Supplement with Magnesium

Lastly, you should try supplementing with magnesium if you have started developing tolerance to any smart drugs.

While the vast benefits of magnesium have been previously addressed, it is worth noting that the mineral can be used for resetting the tolerance levels of pharmaceutical drugs, which is yet another massive benefit.

If you have already started developing issues with tolerance and dosing, then supplementing with magnesium and stopping usage can be the most efficient way to get things back in order.


The Definitive Guide to Taming Your Modafinil Tolerance

It is advisable to follow the tips and tricks discussed here every single day and you won’t have any issues with dosing, smart drugs, and tolerance.

If you follow the tips and advice provided here, Modafinil tolerance should no longer be an issue. Just follow the dosing schedule and you will never have an issue. If tolerance is already a problem for you, try some magnesium or take a break from the nootropic.


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