In this review, I am going to reveal all the secrets about Modafinil and how you, as a beginner can maximize the benefits of this super drug by understanding everything about it.


What is Modafinil?molecular structure of unkown material

Modafinil is scientifically proven to be a mild stimulant that promotes wakefulness, enhances mental alertness, boosts motivation and strengthens cognitive function in ways other drugs can never match. This can help users with increased productivity. This is particularly beneficial to diverse groups including students, business people, leaders, and military personnel. These are groups that may require staying awake for long periods to accomplish tasks and missions that may otherwise fall behind if done within normal hours.

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted across diverse populations that support the efficacy of Modafinil. The beauty of this drug is the absence of any major side-effects.


How Most People Get Modafinil

Modafinil is a prescription medication. This means that it is a pharmaceutical drug that requires you to legally obtain a medical prescription before you can buy it. However, you can still obtain the drug online without necessarily having a prescription. Visiting sites like Afinil Express will enable you to purchase the drug from the comfort of your home.


My Initial Observations of Modafinil’s Effects (first 2 weeks)

When Modafinil is ingested, it takes 35 minutes to 2 hours for the effects to kick in. the variance in time is dependent on various factors such as your tolerance levels or whether you have taken a meal or not.
When the drug finally kicks in the following effects were noted.
Modafinil has a way of making one a little jittery. Your thought processes may move a little too fast for comfort but it still gives you the ability to focus on work.

• The drug makes it a little difficult to have a meaningful conversation with people. At first, the conversations will flow, but after a short while you will get bored and lose interest.
• Modafinil makes one self-confident. This confidence, however, is not accompanied by a feeling of happiness that is experienced when using other stimulants like Adderall. It is interesting to note that Modafinil is able to alleviate awful moods hence masking any unhappiness you may be experiencing.
• Modafinil helps you focus on tasks and makes you increase your productivity.
• The drug enhances your wakefulness. You may still feel the effects of sleep deprivation which may lead to mistakes, but it keeps you so alert that you will instantly recognize such mistakes.
• Modafinil is incapable of preventing your eyes from getting tired when you are awake for long periods.
• Modafinil intensifies the effects of caffeine.
• The drug tolerance for Modafinil develops slowly over a period of time.
• Modafinil will keep you awake for a minimum of 12 hours. Your productivity will equally last that long.
• In case you have consumed caffeine, Modafinil’s effect will last up to 16 hours since it augments caffeine’s action.
• Modafinil enhances your cognitive performance. For example, it will increase the compulsion to edit your work and bring out perfection. You may find yourself reevaluating science problems to get the perfect answers.
• Modafinil reduces your sexual urge effectively suppressing libido.
• The drug helps you work all night keeping your mind sharp and focused. However, your body may ache from the effects of sleep deprivation. It is advisable to take breaks while working to dehydrate and take a meal.
• You may consider taking Modafinil with a cup of coffee if you are accustomed to caffeine.
• Your days may become a little blurry because of sleep deprivation. You may experience a utopian feeling.
• Since Modafinil takes up to 2 hours to kick in, it is recommended that if you intend to start your task right away then you can combine your Modafinil with caffeine.
• Modafinil helps you to keep alert and productive even with sleep deprivation.
Modafinil enhances your creative side. This drug improves your cognitive performance to optimum levels helping you resolve difficult problems and bring out innovative ideas.


How does Modafinil affect sleep and productivity?

Modafinil is able to increase your productivity to optimum levels if you have had enough sleep. It is therefore advisable to get enough sleep to prevent accumulation of sleep debt.
However, this productivity will be dependent on other factors including diet, tolerance levels and amount of drug taken.
Modafinil may not prevent you from making errors if your sleep debt has accumulated for long. The only consolation is that you may be able to catch those errors quickly. If you get some sleep, however little, it may help Modafinil keep you alert to avoid errors resulting from sleep deprivation.

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The ‘feel good’ part of the brain helps us retrieve information from memory. When information is captured during such a time of ‘happiness”, it is easier for you to retrieve that information when in the same mood at a future moment. That is the reason behind Modafinil’s ability to help students remember more information during exams.

Modafinil is immensely powerful because it has no negative side effects when used for the intended purpose. As a cognitive enhancer, Modafinil provides an incredible sense of concentration, alertness while at the same time enhancing your mood with a sense of mild euphoria. This is a perfect recipe for increased productivity. When circumstances demand focus and confidence to accomplish tasks, then this smart drug will enhance attention and short-term memory while keeping you awake so that you achieve your full innovativeness.

How long can you stay focused on Modafinil?

When you ingest this smart drug you are likely to remain focused for 12-15 hours. The critical part is that this drug is a cognitive enhancer that will boost your mental alertness and innovation to accomplish the task. Therefore a tight deadline or a difficult project will all become easy sail when one has powered themselves using Modafinil. You will be able to accomplish unbelievable workloads within the 12-15 hour period.
It is advisable that you take breaks at intervals of one hour to allow your body breathing space.


Modafinil and weight loss – my thoughts

I noticed a considerable loss of weight since I began using Modafinil regularly. This may be a result of appetite suppression which is one of the effects of this smart drug.
The state of wakefulness may also be a contributing factor. This can be attributed to caloric expenditure due to an increase in my activities and tasks during my enhanced wakefulness.


Modafinil and caffeine

Modafinil increases the effect of caffeine in the body. It is therefore advisable to maintain your regular intake of caffeine. Any addition may result in nervousness that may make it difficult for you to maintain alertness to improve your productivity.


Modafinil tolerance – the elephant in the room

It is important that you take Modafinil when you need it. After using it for some time I have not seen any signs of tolerance. This corroborates the science bit which says that the drug has very low addiction properties.


How Modafinil makes you feel

Modafinil increases your confidence and concentration levels that result in minimal diversion from the task you are focused on. It’s an incredible sense of purpose that stimulates every bit of your will-power to immerse yourself and focus on what you want to achieve. This smart drug leaves you feeling upbeat and optimistic.

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The confidence it gives you helps you enjoy and accomplish boring tasks. Facing challenges becomes a walk in the park. Your sense of worry diminishes with the consumption of this fantastic drug.

In case you have any feelings of misery or bad moods, they will diminish in a flash.

Some drugs that enhance focus like Adderall normally cause extreme nervousness. This can be very distracting when one is working on a task. Modafinil is advantageous because it does not cause jitters. It gives you focus is devoid of any unpleasant effects.

Modafinil does not utilize stimulation and therefore does not result in jitters yet offers comparable focus that’s truly amazing.


The 3 Best Ways to Use Modafinil

1. Use Modafinil to be exceptionally productive. Take Modafinil with your normal caffeine. This will enable you to start working immediately as the caffeine acts instantly. This will keep you going until the Modafinil starts acting in 1-2 hours time.

2. Use Modafinil to compensate for a lack of sleep. When you sleep for a few hours and then take Modafinil, you will feel as if you had a full night’s sleep. This will enhance your cognitive power especially if you are a student.

3. Use Modafinil to Stay Up for 36-48 Hours. You can effectively extend your wakefulness to 36-48 hours and still achieve optimal productivity. You can achieve this by taking one Modafinil 200mg pill at 7:00 P.M. This will keep you awake and productive all night long. In the morning take one more with your morning coffee. This will keep you going for another 12 hours. Small amounts of coffee in-between should keep you more alert. Remember to take short breaks.


Final remarks

Modafinil is a wonderful drug if used in the correct way. It can be bought cheaply online and can be used to improve your cognitive performance. It is advisable to avoid using it on a daily basis.


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