It can be quite difficult to stay awake for the majority of the day; in fact, there have been studies into how much we actually stay productive throughout the day. The results came out as roughly 3 hours out of an 8 hour normal work day. This actually means that in a typical 40-hour working week you will only spend 15 of these hours working productively.

This can be very difficult if you’re currently studying for a whole range of exams or if you have multiple deadlines to meet at work. Not only this, but you’re bound to have a whole load of other things going on in your life as well. Therefore you’re probably going to need more hours to be more productive.

This is where modafinil comes in. This drug will be able to keep you awake for longer because it’s actually classed as a stimulant; therefore, you’ll be able to be a lot more productive. In fact, modafinil can actually work for up to 18 hours, so you really will get a lot of work done when you take one of these. This is because it will only allow you to focus on one thing, and you won’t be able to get distracted by anything at all.

So we’re discussing all of the best methods that you can buy modafinil online and what versions are the best ones to purchase.


Why purchase Modafinil online?

You can usually only get modafinil from a doctor, as in most countries it’s prescription based. This is because it’s only really used to be able to treat certain sleeping disorders as well as other things like ADD and ADHD.

Not only this, but it’s a very popular drug for other people to use as well. This is because it is able to enhance your cognitive performance. Therefore, many students find this useful because it helps them to study for any exams and complete assignments on time. Not only this, but many business owners, entrepreneurs, and creative people are using this drug too so they can improve their performance.

However, it can be quite difficult to get hold of, and it’s also very expensive if you do happen to get a prescription for it, in fact, it can actually cost you between $300-$1200 each month just for a prescription.

Whereas, other companies have actually made their own versions of the drug that works just as well and these don’t actually cost anywhere near as much. Even people that do have prescriptions for the drug tend to use the option of purchasing them online, purely because they are a lot cheaper. In fact, they are that much less expensive that one month’s supply of them will only cost somewhere between $10-$20.

When you look at various sites online that sell modafinil, you will also notice that they will also sell generic versions of its sister compound, which is called armodafinil.


So, what versions are available online?

Cephalon Inc actually manufactures modafinil, but there other companies that produce other versions of the same drug. For instance, Sun Pharmaceuticals produce modalert, and Hab Pharmaceuticals produce artvigil. All of these drugs are pretty much identical, and they are actually a lot cheaper, so they won’t cost you anywhere near as much.


Rating criteria

It has been known to be quite tricky to find a good online site that sells the best modafinil, as some of them won’t really be quite up to scratch. This isn’t necessarily because of the quality of the drugs, but it’s because of other factors, like their customer service and the discounts that they offer.

Because of this, we’ve actually outlined the top three vendors to purchase modafinil from and why they are so exceptionally good.


1. Customer service

This is a very important feature that you should definitely look at, because if you happen to have any problems, then you will need to be able to contact the site that you ordered the modafinil from.

The customer service can actually be quite a bit of a problem sometimes, and you may find with some sites they can be difficult to get hold of.

There’s not normally any issues with the order at all, but the only problem you might have is when the drugs get to the border of where you live, another issue you may face is that it actually doesn’t turn up. This is why you need to be able to contact the seller so you can get issues like these solved very quickly.


2. Price/Value

The next thing that we looked at is how expensive and cheap the different modafinil products on the internet are. In fact, we found that there are so many websites that actually price modafinil at a very high price, and they aren’t even giving you any higher quantities of tablets compared to other sites.

Another thing that you definitely have to look out for is the websites that are giving you a discount on modafinil. This is because some of the tablets are actually out of date or they have a couple of pills missing.

Because this is actually very dangerous the websites that have a poor rating out of five will more than likely have this or something similar.


3. Discounts

You may have noticed on different websites that sell modafinil they have different ways that you can pay, for instance, through Bitcoin or by a credit card. However, one of the biggest costs, when you’re purchasing modafinil, is the credit card fees. This is due to the international credit card processors making their rates higher for medication selling sites. This is actually because a lot of people make returns and because of chargebacks too.

Therefore, the solution to this is to pay via cryptocurrencies, as you don’t need a bank or payment processor at all. The only thing that is required when you pay via one of these is a low-fee transaction that can be easily used across any borders. It varies from different websites, but if you do decide to pay by a cryptocurrency, then some of the sites will happily transfer what you have saved back to you, however, some others might want to keep the difference as a profit for themselves.

There may also be some websites that do offer a whole range of discounts to reward their customers or to get a customer to tell their friends about the site. If the site has been rated five out of five, then it’s likely the store has offered a 25% discount or other discounts that might be similar. This is a very good standard for the industry.


4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial to most of these sites, and a lot of their customers may talk about their experiences with some of these drugs on sites like Reddit. Therefore we’ve gone through all the forums like these to see what people are saying about certain types of modafinil from certain websites.

If they get a rating of about five out of five, then it means that the site will have barely any negative reviews.


5. Product Range

This category will look at the range of different products that the website sells. There may be some websites that actually offer other products that are similar to modafinil, like Piracetam, while others may only sell a couple of other products that are similar.

If the website has a five out of five rating, then this will mean that they have around four different versions of modafinil that they are selling on their website.


6. User Experience

This category will look at how easy it is to use the website of the vendor and how simple it is to purchase modafinil. Not only this, but it will take into consideration how easy it is to search for the product that you’re looking for too and if the vendor offers discounts or not. We have also taken into consideration how quick the payment system is and whether it’s filled with quite a lot of spam or not, like pop-up ads.

If they have been given a rating of five out of five then this will mean that it’s very quick and easy to use and the payment system is very secure, plus, it will also offer you a range of payment options.


A brief summary of the different rating criteria:


A) Customer Service:
  • 1/5: If they get this rating, it will mean that they don’t really answer to any emails or phone calls more than one time.
  • 2/5: This means that their customer support and response was quite slow and not very helpful.
  • 3/5: This rating will indicate that the website replied after a bit of a delay and that they helped a little with the situation.
  • 4/5: If they get this rating, then the vendor was quite fast and helpful with resolving any queries or problems.
  • 5/5: This means that they responded within 24 hours of us contacting them and they were beyond helpful.
B) Price/Value:
  • 1/5: If you see this rating on one of the sites, then it means that the price per average pill is expensive for the type of quality that the pill is.
  • 2/5: This means that the price that each pill is is actually average, but there are no discounts and it’s still quite a low quality.
  • 3/5: This rating will mean that their prices per pill are average, and they actually offer discounts or some type of saving, like free shipping. The tablets would be of an average value.
  • 4/5: The price per tablet will be below the average price, there might not be any saving offers, but the pills will be above average value.
  • 5/5: This means that the cost of the pills is below average pricing, plus, the website has included other saving methods or discounts and the tablets are very high value.
C) Discounts:
  • 1/5: If this rating is given it means that there are no discounts.
  • 2/5: This rating means that there are 5% or fewer discounts that are available.
  • 3/5: If the website has been given three out of five, then this will mean that they have discounts between 10% and 15%.
  • 4/5: This rating will mean that they offer discounts between 15% and 25%.
  • 5/5: If we have given the website this rating, it will mean that they offer discounts more than 25%.
D) Customer Reviews:
  • 1/5: If the website has been given this rating, then it will mean that they have been given poor reviews online.
  • 2/5: This will mean that there are no reviews about the website online.
  • 3/5: This rating will mean that they have a range of good reviews and bad reviews as well.
  • 4/5: If they have been given this rating then it will mean that they will have mostly good reviews, but a couple of bad reviews.
  • 5/5: This rating means that they have a lot of positive reviews online and there are rarely any bad ones.
E) Product range:
  • 1/5: This will mean that there’s only one product that’s available.
  • 2/5: If they have been given this rating, it will mean that they have two or more products on their website.
  • 3/5: This will mean that there are three modafinil products on their site.
  • 4/5: This rating means that there are four generic versions of modafinil on their website.
  • 5/5: This will mean that all four generic versions of modafinil products are available, and it will also mean that there are additional products too.
F) User Experience:
  • 1/5: This rating will mean that it’s quite difficult to navigate yourself around the website, and the payment options can be confusing, plus, there may be lots of spam too.
  • 2/5: If they get this rating, it will mean that either the website or payment is confusing and there will be no credit card option.
  • 3/5: This will mean that the website or payment options are still confusing, but there will be a credit card option to pay.
  • 4/5: This website rating will mean that it’s very easy to find your way around the site itself and the payment options are easy, but it may also mean there’s no credit card option.
  • 5/5: This type of rating will mean that it’s so easy to navigate yourself around the site and that the payment options are easy and you can pay through any method.


afinil express 2022 banner


1.  Afinil Express

This website has been highly recommended by people as well as by other companies too. ModafinilCat was a huge website that sold all types of modafinil, but they sadly closed down. When they did, they recommended Afinil Express to their customers.

Review summary of Afinil Express:

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

  • The price for a modafinil tablet is low at only $0.56
  • The price for Armodafinil pills is also low at only $0.70 per pill

Discounts: 5/5

  • If you pay via Bitcoin, then you get 20% off
  • If you’re a returning customer, then you get 10% off
  • 30% off in total

Customer Reviews: 5/5

  • There were no bad reviews about this website

Product Range: 4/5

  • They sell: Modafinil, Modalert, Artvigil, and Waklert

User Experience: 5/5

  • It’s very easy to use this website, and you can use both Bitcoin and credit card to pay.


A)    Prices of Afinil Express:

The cost per modafinil pill is between $0.80-$2.80, and the cost per pill of armodafinil is between $0.92-$2.95. The price does vary depending on how many tablets you decide to order, this is because the more that you choose to purchase the cheaper they are.


B)    Discounts at Afinil Express:

There are two separate discounts that Afinil Express offers. The first one is the 10% returning customer discount and to activate this, you just need to apply the code when you checkout. You can also apply this discount if you have other discounts too.

The other discount that is offered to you is that if you pay by Bitcoin, then you get 20% off. This discount also includes other cryptocurrencies as well, this includes:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Zcash
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Verge
  • Nemcoin

If you decide to pay using cryptocurrencies, then this will bring the price down to $0.64 to $2.24 per modafinil pill. For each armodafinil pill, it will be between $0.72-$2.36.

Here’s a table that explains the total price of each generic version of modafinil tablets with the discounts included:

Discount Modalert Modvigil Waklert Artvigil
None $0.98 $0.80 $1.00 $0.92
Returning Customer 10% $0.88 $0.72 $0.90 $0.83
Bitcoin 20% $0.78 $0.64 $0.80 $0.74
Both Discounts 30% $0.68 $0.56 $0.70 $0.64


So, how much will you be saving with the discounts? Don’t worry we’ve worked it out for you in our table just below:

(This is based on orders of 300 tablets)

Discount Modalert Modvigil Waklert Artvigil
None  – $0.00 – $0.00  – $0.00  – $0.00
Returning Customer 10% – $29.40  – $24.00  – $30.00 –  $27.50
Bitcoin 20%  – $58.80  – $48.00  – $60.00  – $55.00
With both discounts (30%)  – $88.20  – $72.00 – $90.00 – $82.50


C)    Customer Reviews about Afinil Express

We did really struggle to find a bad review of the Afinil Express website when we were searching online. There were a couple of complaints that we did notice, but these were only about the packages getting stopped at the borders. However, Afinil did solve these very easily, and they reship any orders too.

It’s quite uncommon for the border security forces to look inside the package, but it can happen, and they have the complete right to do so.


D)    The product range at Afinil Express

There are four different types of generic versions of modafinil that Afinil Express offer, these are the following: Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil. These specific drugs are either produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals or HAB Pharmaceuticals, which are a very well known medication brand.


E)    The user experience at Afinil Express

The Afinil Express website is very easy to navigate your way around, they have a very simple navigation toolbar that enables you to easily find all of the products that they stock. They have clearly marked prices right next to the products, so you can clearly see their prices. Sometimes the prices may differ because it depends on how many tablets you order.

It’s also very simple to apply any discount codes that you may have, as you can easily do this when you checkout, and you can easily pay by using a variety of payment methods.


Afinil Express and shipping:

There is also another massive bonus when you decide to purchase modafinil from Afinil Express, and that’s the fact that they can actually be shipped to a whole range of different countries. However, there are some countries they are unable to ship to due to import regulations. The only way you would be able to get them is by using a mail forwarding service from a neighboring country.

Here are the countries that they are unable to send to:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan
  • The Netherlands
  • The Philippines
  • The United Arab Emirates

If you do not receive your first package, then they will happily send you another one free of charge, and they try their hardest to reduce the number of times that the package will get stopped at the border. They do this by using specific types of packaging.


Pros and Cons of Afinil Express:

There is a whole load of pros about Afinil Express, for instance, they have exceptional customer service, you can pay using multiple methods, and they offer multiple discounts. There are a couple of negative points like the average pricing and the fact that they can’t ship directly to certain countries.


2.  DuckDose

DuckDose is actually the leading website for international modafinil sales. They are actually one of the first websites that started selling cheaper modafinil tablets.

Before this, it was very difficult to purchase modafinil, and you could only really get it from having a prescription. The only other way that you would have been able to purchase it is through the black market, but this is very dangerous, as you can never be entirely sure what is in the drug itself.

This is the reason why DuckDose started selling medications online to avoid this from happening.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 4/5

  • Each modafinil pill can be as cheap as $0.70
  • Each armodafinil pill can be as cheap as $0.90

Discounts: 2/5

  • They will only offer you a discount if you purchase them in bulk.

Customer Reviews: 5/5

  • All of their online reviews have been positive.

Product Range: 4/5

  • They offer four different generic versions of modafinil, which include: modalert, artivigil, modafinil and waklert.

User Experience: 4/5

  • It’s quite easy to navigate your way around, but the website has become very old now. They only accept Bitcoin payments.


So, how does DuckDose actually work?

You may be slightly confused about how a website can sell this type of medication without asking for a prescription. This is actually because they distribute all of their modafinil from India. In India, it’s completely legal to sell modafinil without having a prescription. Not only this, but the most popular pharmaceuticals are also in India, which is HAB Pharmaceuticals and Sun Pharmaceuticals.

This means that if you sell modafinil from India, then it’s fully legal. The only thing that can happen is for your modafinil order to be checked at the border of your country and if this happens, then they may request a prescription from you.

Duckdose has been known to be one of the best sites that sell modafinil by many users.


A) Customer Service at DuckDose

Duckdose has excellent customer service, and they are known for this in the industry. You will get frequent replies from them, and they are very quick at responding back to any problems that you may have.


B)    Price at Duckdose

Duckdose actually offers quite an average pricing on their entire modafinil tablets; however, if you decide to buy bulk, then you will get more discounts.


C)    Discounts at Duckdose

There is one negative point about Duckdose, and that’s the fact that it rarely offers discounts, the only time you will see discounts is if you purchase the tablets in bulk.


D) Customer Reviews at Duckdose

This is a factor that actually makes Duckdose stand out from all their other competitors. This is because when you look on sites like Reddit you will notice how many fans rave about Duckdose, and there are hardly any bad reviews about them at all.


E) Product Range at Duckdose

There are four different generic modafinil pills that Duckdose sells, which includes: modalert, modvigil, waklert and artvigil.


F) User experience at Duckdose

The Duckdose website is quite straightforward to get your head around, but it is quite outdated now when you compare it to other websites. However, their payment methods are very simple and easy to use.


Duckdose pros and cons

There are many positives about Duckdose like it has a large educational forum online and they have great customer reviews. However, there are a couple of negatives like they are a bit more expensive compared to other websites.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Dockdose is no longer in business anymore so you cannot purchase modafinil from their website.


3.  ModUp

ModUp is also another company that is very well known for the excellent service that they provide. They actually respond to any queries very quickly, and they have a very large community, which we found, on their online forums.  This allows users to be able to share any information about modafinil to each other.

Overall rating: 4/5

ModUp Prices: 3/5

  • They sell all modafinil products at an average price

ModUp Discounts: 5/5

  • If you order modafinil in bulk, then you will be able to get discounts, and if you decide to pay via Bitcoin, then you will get a 33% discount.

ModUp Customer Reviews: 4/5

  • They have many positive reviews all over different forums, but there have been a couple of people that have said that they have a poor product selection.

ModUp Product Range: 4/5

  • ModUp only has modalert for sale on their website.

ModUp User Experience: 3/5

  • There is quite a lot of spam all over their website, and it’s filled with pop-up ads. However, it’s easy to navigate, and the payment method is very fast and easy. They don’t accept credit cards.


A)    Customer Service at ModUp

There is an extremely good customer service response at ModUp, in fact, they are actually the leader of the customer service compared to the other websites that sell modafinil. They have very fast response times, and their staff are very knowledgeable about modafinil.


B)    Prices at ModUp

They only sell one product that actually has quite an average pricing. Plus, they also offer quite a lot of discounts and a very generous one of 33% off when you use Bitcoin to pay.

One thing that you should note is the fact that they charge for shipping on top of the price of the product.


C)    Discounts at ModUp

ModUp actually offers some of the best discounts around; as when you pay by bitcoin you get 33% off of your bill. This is the biggest discount across all of the different websites.

Modalert is priced at quite an average price compared to other websites as well.


D)    Customer Reviews at ModUp

There are many customer reviews that rave about ModUp all over different websites, and they also have a very fast delivery rate and email response times.

There are a couple of negative reviews that say there isn’t a big product range on their site, plus, there have been reports of the delivery being quite slow.


E)    Product Range at ModUp

This is one of the biggest negative points about this site, as they only have one form of medicine and that’s called Modalert. Therefore customers are unable to try different products if they order them from this site.


F)    User Experience at ModUp

It’s very easy to use this website, but it is quite spammy, so the ads that pop up all the time can be quite annoying.


ModUp’s pros and cons

There are quite a lot of pros if you order at ModUp, for instance, they offer a 33% discount, and they have amazing customer service. However, there are a couple of cons and they are that they charge for shipping and they only sell Modalert.

UPDATE: ModUp has sadly closed their online site now and is no longer in business.


So, what is our favorite website to purchase modafinil?

It’s quite simple to answer now actually as both Duckdose and ModUp have closed. Therefore our favorite is now Afinil Express. This is because they are able to offer you a range of modafinil products, plus, they have some amazing discounts that they can offer you. They also have free international shipping, which will save you a few pennies and you can even track the order to your doorstep.

It is a shame that the other sites closed down, but Afinil Express is definitely the best one around right now.


0/50 ratings