Modafinil is the stimulant of choice for millennials across the globe, promising an increased level of productivity and motivation along with energy bursts and a stronger focus.  It is a supplement which is used by millions of people, from professionals with highly-stressed careers to students with impending deadlines through to entrepreneurs possessing heavy workloads.  The drug increases an individual’s mental alertness and can result in a 6-hour working day becoming a 15-hour performance improved work marathon.

Providing a 200mg dose, Modafinil is commonly used by individuals during tough work periods or exam seasons, enabling the user to experience an energy boost and increased mental awareness and strength, performing at their highest possible optimum.  The supplement additionally ensures that you are focused throughout your work tasks, regardless of the time-consuming issues and the monotonous subject area.

Modafinil is only available conventionally through a prescription from your doctor although a doctor will only prescribe the drug if you are suffering from certain medical conditions such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea or chronic fatigue.  Some countries prescribe Modafinil for conditions such as ADHD and ADD.

Prescribed medicine does not recognize Modafinil’s benefits as a stimulant, however, and so it is not possible to acquire this drug from Pharmacies without a medical diagnosis.  It is possible to purchase Modafinil online, however, from companies in countries such as India where medicine laws are much more relaxed.

Whichever method you use to acquire Modafinil, you will still be met with a hefty cost.  Prescribed Modafinil, such as the Provigil ® brand, will result in you paying at least $53 just for one tablet, resulting in costs of over $1,643 per month if one tablet is used daily.  That level of cost is unreasonable for most people, regardless of the performance and concentration benefits which the Modafinil supplement professes to attain.

Purchasing Modafinil with an 89% Discount

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When a pharmaceutical drug possesses an approved legal patent, it will generally mean that the company has a 20-year period before another company is able to manufacture copies of the drug.  Modafinil is now open to generic copycats, and so numerous companies are making the drug and competing with lower prices.  Some companies are charging ridiculously low prices in comparisons with the original brand’s $53 per tablet price tag.

Therefore, whether you are in receipt of a valid prescription for a medical condition such as narcolepsy, or whether you want to use Modafinil for its stimulant properties, you will want to discover how you can purchase the supplement at a huge 89% reduction in price in comparison with the standard cost.

Purchasing Modafinil from a Pharmacy

If you are in receipt of a valid prescription for Modafinil, you may consider purchasing the supplement from a Pharmacy.  It is the easiest process to complete in order to acquire Modafinil, although it is probably the most expensive method too.  The big brand names in Modafinil are Provigil ® and Nuvigil ® and are the brands which you will no doubt acquire from the Pharmacy.  You will have to pay at least $53 per 200mg tablet at your local Pharmacy, however, and with some locations placing an even higher $78 per 200mg tablet price tag on Modafinil.

These costs will mean that over the course of a month you will be paying over $1,643 at least for using Modafinil once daily, resulting in a yearly cost of at least $19,345.  If you were unlucky enough to pay the higher cost of $78 per tablet, you would pay around $2,418 per month and an astonishing $28,470 per year.  Ironically, the manufacturing of Modafinil costs the companies less than $1 to actually make, making these costs appear even more extreme.  While the recreational users of Modafinil may choose to use the supplement less in order to reduce their costs, those suffering from medical conditions such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea simply do not have that choice as they need the drug to function in their daily lives.

Buying Modafinil Cheaper

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You may be able to reduce these costs dramatically by purchasing your supplement online from, where you will be able to purchase Modafinil for a fraction of the price in comparison with purchasing the drug from a Pharmacy.  Online companies such as use generic brands of Modafinil which are not available from Pharmacies who only sell the big brand versions of the drug.

Generic Modafinil still provides high performance, potency, and effectivity, offering the same 200mg dosage as the bigger brands.  Consider this in the same way which you can buy cheap, generic paracetamol for a few cents in comparison with purchasing a big brand version of paracetamol which costs a few dollars; both sets of paracetamol will contain the same ingredients and will do the same job, you are simply paying more money for the brand name.

Comparing Prices of Modafinil

As there is such a difference in the prices charged for Modafinil, it is useful to compare the offers available in order to assess which range is suitable for you.  While a generic brand of the supplement can set you back between $0.80 to $2.80 per 200mg tablet, the big brand Provigil ® markets the same strength tablet of Modafinil at a staggering minimum $53, rising to around $78.  That is a huge discrepancy in price.

We have compared some of the best supplements available on the market at the moment, helping you to best compare and contrast what is on offer.  We have researched the prices available for both the 200 mg and 100 mg doses.

Modafinil Price Comparison

Name of Product Brand Name or Generic Supplement Cost Per Tablet (200mg) Cost Per Tablet (100mg)
Provigil ® Brand $53.80 – $77.79 $35.70 – $51.69
Modalert Generic $0.70 – $1.60 $0.35 – $0.80
Modvigil Generic $0.74 – $1.30 $0.37 – $0.65

Armodafinil Price Comparison

Name of Product Brand Name or Generic Supplement Cost Per Tablet (200mg) Cost Per Tablet (150mg)
Nuvigil ® Brand $25.59 $25.59
Waklert Generic Not Available $0.92 – $2.00
Artvigil Generic Not Available $0.86 – $1.60

Pricing Drugs

Drug companies, of course, want to make a profit.  In addition to profit, numerous additional factors are involved in pricing a specific drug.  Firstly, a great deal of consideration is provided to the number of individuals who will be potentially diagnosed with conditions such as narcolepsy.  Estimations are made as the company aims to sell a good level of medication across a 20-year period.  If the company predict that fewer people will require the drug, then a higher price will be charged to cover costs and to be able to make a profit from sales.  Conversely, the higher the number of people who are predicted to use the drug, the lower the cost will be.

The company which produces Modafinil, Cephalon Inc, decided to charge $51 each for a block of 15 tablets, while a block of 30 tablets will cost you the equivalent of $35 for each pill.  The same company brought out the Nuvigil ® brand as an alternative Armodafinil product, which was marketed at $25 per tablet.

Additionally, 20-years after a patent expires, other companies can manufacture generic varieties of Modafinil once they have applied for an Abbreviated New Drug Application.  For the ANDA to be approved, the same active ingredients and dosage of the original drug must be used.  If an application is not approved, the company will need to provide a New Drug Application, ensuring that their own clinical trials have been carried out.

Generic Drug Manufacturers

After the success of Modafinil and the expiration of the 20-year patent, Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharmaceuticals applied to become manufacturers of generic Modafinil and Armodafinil.

HAB Pharmaceuticals, which is based in India, manufactures numerous supplements and drugs in addition to contract manufacturing across the industries.  The two varieties of Modafinil which HAB Pharmaceuticals manufacture are Modvigil and Modawake.  Additionally, they also manufacture the Artvigil and R-Modawake Armodafinil varieties.  Modvigil and Artvigil are the two most common generic varieties of the drug which are sold online.  HAB Pharmaceuticals possess a successful record in following the relevant legislation while providing high-quality drugs at a low and attractive price.

Sun Pharmaceuticals is also based in India, and it is a specifically large company, possessing an international sales-reach and manufacturing numerous items of medication across neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, and cardiology.  They specialize in manufacturing generic Modafinil under the labels of Modalert and Waklert.  Highly-respected scientists within the industry are present within Sun Pharmaceuticals, ensuring that the drugs they manufacture are of the highest quality.

As a large, publicly traded multinational organization, Sun Pharmaceuticals has access to the best scientists and lab techs in the industry. They’re well-known in the pharmaceutical space for producing high-quality medications which are as good as the big brand names but cost very little.

Other companies are continuing to manufacture and sell their own generic versions of Modafinil, and the number of different supplements available on the market is growing year on year.  These products, providing the company has adhered to the correct guidelines, will all be the same and will possess the same benefits and the same potency and strength.  You will, of course, pay more money for the bigger brand names and so looking out for different varieties will no doubt help your bank balance.  Other names to look out for include names such as Alertee, Alertex, Carim, Mentix, Modapro, Modasomil, Modiodal, Provake, Resotyle, Stavigile, Vigia, Vigicer, Vigil, and Zalux.

Why are Brand Names More Expensive?

Since the expiration of the 20-year patent, any company can apply to manufacture their own version of Modafinil.  These generic versions are available online, and the companies can charge their own prices, usually very low prices.  Big brand names are the variety of Modafinil which is available from the Pharmacy and possesses a much higher price tag.

There is no specific reason for this higher price tag as the ingredients, and the potency of the supplement should be the same regardless of the name of the drug.  You are simply paying for the brand name, in the same way, that you would pay a higher price for paracetamol when you pay for a well known and well-advertised brand as opposed to a generic company.

Search online for some great value generic supplements at a fraction of the cost which is charged for the big brand names, enabling you to receive the same benefits of the drug while ensuring that Modafinil is accessible for your bank balance.


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