When you have taken Modafinil does the likelihood of you becoming irritable increase? Do you feel like your patience has escaped you completely?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, do not worry. There are many people taking Modafinil who feel exactly the same way.

People use Modafinil to increase their productivity, but unfortunately, a side effect of this can be the increase in irritability, especially if you are in the presence of other people all day long.

This article has been written to provide you with the answers as to why Modafinil can make you more irritable than when you do not take Modafinil and how you can cope with this side effect.

How Does Modafinil Make a User Irritable?

When discussing the effects that Modafinil can have and making reference to irritability, it is important that we first discuss what being irritable actually means.

There is only a certain amount of stress than any one person can take. The ability to deal with stress is at its best when we are feeling well, have had enough to eat and have slept well. It is at this time when smaller things don’t bother us in a, particularly significant way. We simply shrug them off and continue with our day, thinking nothing more of it.

But when tiredness creeps in, perhaps after a bad or interrupted night’s sleep or when our day has been long and challenging, the amount of stress we are able to deal with is significantly decreased. We become more irritable and respond more and faster to environmental stressors.

A question frequently asked is if Modafinil is intended to increase the feeling of wakefulness, should the levels of tolerance not be enhanced?

This is a good assumption to make, but there is one thing to consider. When Modafinil is consumed, it creates the illusion that we feel more awake, but it can never replicate all of the benefits of a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Modafinil is also unable to stop us from encountering the effects of long term stress and the side effects of being nutritionally deficient.

Why do we get Irritable?

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There are many ways in which irritability can feel like we are experiencing an emotion, but actually, this is not the case. Something entirely different is going on.

The following list of causes can create a feeling of irritability:

• Anxiety
• Caffeine or nicotine withdrawal
• Cold or flu
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar level)
• Long term stress
• Metabolic conditions
• Nutrient deficiencies (like vitamin B and magnesium)
• Sleep deprivation

Modafinil and Irritability

There are multiple ways in which Modafinil creates the feeling of irritability, not a singular reason. These reasons are going to be analyzed further as follows:

1. Being deprived of sleep

The main reason Modafinil is used is so that wakefulness can be exacerbated. This means that one of the main side effects of use is suffering from insomnia.

If you would like to learn more about Modafinil, its side effects and how they can be avoided, follow this link.

Many studies have looked into the ways in which sleep deprivation affects the human body, nearly all of which proving that the main side effect is the disturbance of mood, also known as irritability.

3 Sleep Deprivation Classifications:

1. Long-term total sleep deprivation – this is termed as gaining no sleep for a minimum of 45 hours consecutively.
2. Short-term total sleep deprivation – gaining no sleep for a maximum of 45 hours consecutively.
3. Partial sleep deprivation – where limited sleep is incurred and less than 7 hours of sleep is obtained in every 24 hours.

The most common classifications of sleep deprivation experienced by Modafinil users are partial or short-term total sleep. It is much less common for long-term total sleep deprivation to occur.

As sleep is lacking for longer periods of time, the side effects experienced increase rapidly. These can include feelings such as confusion, feelings of depression, struggling to focus and concentrate, and an increase in irritability.

Modafinil and Sleep Deprivation Management

To ensure that you are able to bypass certain side effects like sleep deprivation and insomnia, it is advised that Modafinil is taken early on in the day, remembering that its effects can last 10 to 14 hours and need that time to wear off. Taking this into consideration, make sure that if you choose to take Modafinil, take it a minimum of 10 hours before the time you wish to go to bed.

If Modafinil seems to work for longer than the average 10 to 14 hours with you, it may benefit you to decrease the dosage or alternate the days that you take Modafinil.

Sleeping for seven hours minimum every night is essential and forcing yourself not to sleep could be extremely damaging to your physical, emotional and mental health, especially if this happens for periods of more than 24 hours.
When sleep deprivation is incurred, productivity levels are decreased which defeats the reason for the majority of people to take Modafinil at all.

2. Being Nutritionally Deficient

One of the biggest causes of being irritable is when nutrients are deficient in the body. This occurs because, with depleted nutrient, we are unable to respond to environmental stressors in the same way. This means that even the smallest of challenges seem like the biggest of problems because we overreact in an emotional manner.

There is no nutritional value within Modafinil; an important fact to remember if you are a frequent user as nutritional deficiencies are very common and affect the status of the nutrients in one of two ways:

a) Appetite is decreased

A very commonly reported side effect of Modafinil is the decrease in appetite. The reason for this is that when Modafinil is used the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is targeted which prevents digestion and appetite from being stimulated. This can occur to such a degree with many Modafinil users that it is common for them to forget to eat for an entire day.

A single day with little to no food isn’t generally a problem for the majority of healthy people as they usually have enough nutrients stored to enable the body to continue to function for at least a couple of days. However, when Modafinil is taken regularly, and appetite is constantly suppressed, the nutrient stores run out which create a neurological imbalance. More specifically, when carbohydrates are consumed in a low measure, the production of neurotransmitters are limited.

This is the case because the insulin we intake from carbohydrates is needed for the transportation of glucose around the body so that it can be converted by the cells into energy. So, when appetite is decreased, carbs are limited, insulin is limited, and therefore energy is limited.
Insulin also plays an important role in the transportation of tryptophan which is a precursor to serotonin in the brain. This is a vital neurotransmitter within our brains and regulates our appetite.

When carbohydrates are not consumed, insulin levels cannot be increased, which means that tryptophan cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier resulting in a decrease in the level of produced serotonin.

Serotonin and appetite work hand in hand, resulting over short periods of time in a severe loss of appetite.

b) Essential Nutrients are Depleted

Modafinil acts as a stimulant, so it increases the power in the nervous system and, in effect, switches it on. When Modafinil has been consumed, the

production of hormones and neurotransmitters are increased, but for this to happen successfully, vitamins and minerals and required.
Through the use of Modafinil, the production of dopamine, cortisol, histamine, norepinephrine, and orexin are enhanced, and subsequently, specific micronutrients are used very fast, like vitamin B, magnesium and zinc.

There are also important types of amino acids that are required too, such as L-Tyrosine and L-Tryptophan. These are precursors to dopamine, melatonin, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

When these essential nutrients are used, it affects others areas of the body that require their use as well. These can include areas such as blood production, immune cell production, the digestive system, muscle contraction, and nerve impulses. All of which can be negatively affected when there is a lack of specific essential nutrients.

Also, when nutrient levels are low, it makes it harder for us to remain emotionally stable and stress becomes difficult to manage which causes us to become increasingly irritable.

Modafinil Nutritional Deficit Management

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The avoidance of nutritional deficit should be attempted at all costs, and the best way to do this is to make sure that frequent amounts of high-quality food are consumed throughout the day, despite the absence of hunger.
It can be helpful to keep nutritious snack bars with you at work, school, or university, remembering to set alarms at particular intervals as a reminder to eat a snack.

When Modafinil side effects are less intense, times such as breakfast and dinner, it is advised that plenty of leafy greens and animal proteins are consumed, for it is within these food types that the majority of the required nutritional content can be found.
It is useful for many Modafinil users to take supplements, too.

Important Supplements for Preventing Irritability:

• B vitamins, especially B6, 9 and 12
• L-Tryptophan
• L-Tyrosine
• Magnesium, the best being magnesium threonate, and magnesium glycinate
• Omega 3 Fatty Acids like fish oil
• Phosphatidylcholine
• Zinc

3. The Imbalance of Neurotransmitters

Modafinil interacts with the central nervous system of which the most important element is the neurotransmitters. They work by communicating messages between the nervous system and whatever other area of the body requires its function. When there are any changes, no matter the size, to the communication occurring within the nervous system, it impacts our feelings and behavior.

With Modafinil interacting so intricately with the nervous system, both positive and negative changes can occur.

a) Irritability and Serotonin

There is not a direct effect between Modafinil and the levels of serotonin, though it does impact it by increasing the levels of dopamine. Dopamine and serotonin are both neurotransmitters and work closely together, but there are times where they work against each other. For instance, when dopamine increases, serotonin decreases. At times like this, mood disturbances such as irritability occur.

b) Irritability and GABA

Modafinil has implications on GABA, one of the main neurotransmitter inhibitors in the human body. It acts almost like the brake pedal in the car but within the nervous system, slowing down the body, enabling relaxation, sleep and digestion to happen. This is the main cause of tiredness, sluggishness and the stereotypical slow feeling experienced after eating a large amount of food at any one time.

When there is a GABA deficit or the GABA in the body is unable to work in its designated manner, we become unable to relax which again, leads to us becoming irritable.

Enhancing Neurotransmitters when using Modafinil

The first thing to do is to improve the nutritional intake, as outlined in previous points.

However, there are other ways in which neurotransmitters can be aided, and their levels can be enhanced. These can include:

• Supplement GABA before you go to bed
• Supplement 5-HTP either in the morning or after lunch
• Make sure that sufficient amounts of carbohydrates are being consumed daily
• Meditate to naturally boost levels of GABA
• Have rest days from using Modafinil
• Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water each day
• Herbal teas, like Kava, Ginkgo, and Chamomile increase GABA
• Supplement with L-Theanine in your day

Sourcing Modafinil

Modafinil is to be sourced through the use of a prescription written by a doctor. This is usually done when the diagnosis for ADD, ADHD, shift work-related sleep issues or narcolepsy has been confirmed.
Without medical permission, it is almost impossible in the majority of countries to source Modafinil, though online sellers may be of interest to some people.

As with many medications, Modafinil is somewhat of a grey area, so it is not illegal to source it from online sellers without a doctor’s prescription.
If you would like to learn more about purchasing Modafinil in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada or Singapore, click on their link.
Online sellers are available in their droves and can be viewed in the Modafinil space as can their individual pros and cons.

Summarizing How to Avoid getting Irritable when using Modafinil

There are multiple manners in which Modafinil can make a user irritable, including direct and indirect effects. Irritability can also be caused by sleep deprivation, the imbalance of neurotransmitters and being depleted of nutrients.
To stop Modafinil from making you feel irritable, you can increase the responsible way in which you use it.

Do this by eating a nutritionally, well-balanced diet and making sure that this includes enough carbohydrates. When the body is given the correct fuel, the necessary micronutrients are available to support the function of the neurotransmitter.

For some people, very specific supplements must be targeted, and the easiest and most successful way to do this is through the intake of supplements. The most commonly required are B6, B12, magnesium, and zinc.

If further help is required to assist with neurotransmitter equilibrium, supplements like L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine, 5-HTP, and GABA can be recommended.

Serotonin and GABA quantities can be increased, and sleep deprivation decreased by the regular use of meditation.
If insomnia is a problem, take Modafinil earlier in the morning so that the effects wear off by the time you want to sleep.

Modafinil has been proven as effective for increasing productivity and study periods, but there are potential side effects.
When taking Modafinil regularly, remain focused on your general health, nutritional status, and neurotransmitter balance.

By following the steps outlined within this article, you will be able to get the best out of Modafinil.


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