Modafinil is the hottest smart drug on the market, promising high levels of motivation and wakefulness and enabling you to turn a normal working day into a high-powered and everlasting productive session.  The Modafinil supplement is popular across the globe with highly-stressed professionals and students alike, being available in its usual tablet form which takes around an hour to start working.  The supplement acts as a stimulant which invigorates the brain and the senses, providing a wide-awake feeling which helps improve your attention to detail and motivation throughout monotonous projects.

A new generic version of Modafinil is about to change the status quo, however, with Modafil MD launching a new tablet substance which enables the supplement to be absorbed through the mouth under the tongue for a faster-acting drug and more intense effect.  Modafil MD provides an invigorating spearmint taste with no medicinal aftertaste, offering a shot of high performance and a burst of energy.


What is Modafil MD?

Modafil MD is a generic version of Modafinil, the smart drug which is also a prescription drug for conditions such as narcolepsy and chronic fatigue.  Modafinil is widely available under the big brand name Provigil ®, although since the expiration of the 20-year patent, other companies can apply to manufacture a generic version of the drug, as long as they meet certain requirements.  Modafil MD is manufactured by INTAS Biopharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical company who additionally manufacture other medications.  Modafil MD is available in a 100 mg dose or a 200 mg dose, depending upon the level of reaction you are aiming for.


Modafil MD Benefits

As a generic version of Modafinil, the profile of the drug must stay the same and so the effects of Modafinil will be felt within the use of Modafil MD.  However, the unique benefit of Modafil MD is the method of consumption, enabling the supplement to be absorbed through the mouth and so the effects are felt much faster than swallowing a tablet form.  The capability of the supplement is impressive, increasing alertness and improving wakefulness so that you can concentrate better and achieve a higher production rate.  These benefits are attained through an increase in both the norepinephrine and dopamine concentrations inside of the brain.


Purchasing Modafil MD

The easiest method of purchasing Modafil MD is through Afinil Express, one of the few trusted online vendor.  You will see a variety of generic versions of Modafinil, many at very affordable prices.  Look out for offers which include free shipping, but be careful that the company ships to your own country.  You may also receive a discount if you pay for your goods with Bitcoin.  It is important to note that you should check the legality of the supplement in your own country.  In the US, for example, the Modafinil brand Provigil ® can only be purchased from a Pharmacy with a prescription.  You can purchase versions of Modafinil, such as Modafil MD, online, however, through using companies based in countries such as India.


Side Effects of Modafil MD

All medication and supplements carry a risk of some possible side effects.  Possible side effects include headaches, dizziness, visual disturbances, nausea, anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.  Rarely, users may suffer from depressive or suicidal thoughts.


Using Modafil MD

Modafil MD is a generic version of the Modafinil supplement, which is usually offered in a tablet form.  When you buy Modafinil online, the usual dosage is 200 mg.  Occasionally, a 100 mg dosage may be available, but it depends upon the consumption method and the desired effects as to which dosage you should buy.  Manufacturers recommend that the supplement should be consumed either in the morning or before the beginning of a high powered work shift.  A Modafinil tablets become absorbed within the gastrointestinal tract and enters the bloodstream, subsequently exerting their effect onto your body and mind.  This can take around an hour for the supplement to enter your bloodstream and so can lead to frustration as you await the benefits.

Alternatively, Modafil MD is consumed through the mouth, providing a sublingual medication as the substance is absorbed through the capillaries underneath your tongue.  These capillaries are found under the mouth’s mucous membranes, providing a short and fast journey for the supplement to reach the bloodstream.  To achieve this feat, you simply hold the Modafil MD powder underneath your tongue, achieving a 15-minute absorption duration as opposed to the 60-minute rate needed by the Modafinil tablets.  Be careful when applying medication sublingually, however; not all medicine should be consumed in this manner and may actually harm your mouth.  Modafil MD is specifically tailored for a sublingual application so you can be safe in the knowledge that the supplement is not harming your mouth.  Furthermore, Modafil MD has been designed by INTAS to emit a spearmint flavor, ensuring that you achieve the ultimately enjoyable experience.


Sublingual Application

When consuming medication orally, you swallow the substance which is subsequently broken down by the acid in the stomach and then the alkaline in the duodenum of the small intestine.  Bacteria and enzymes then break apart molecules within the small intestines as the digestive tract is penetrated. The Modafinil substance aims towards the liver for filtration within ‘first pass metabolism,’ as some of the medication is neutralized before the effects are felt by the user.  Modafinil tablets, such as Provigil ®, provide a 200 mg dosage of the drug as the manufacturer is aware that half of that dosage will not survive this process.

The sublingual application involves allowing the medication to enter the bloodstream in a different way and subsequently follow a different path of metabolism.  Sublingual absorption enables the medication to be absorbed much faster and more efficiently, not being exposed to the ‘first pass metabolism’ which orally ingested tablets are subjected to.  As the medication enters systemic circulation, the substance can reach all areas of the body before being metabolized in the liver.  The medication additionally provides higher concentrations of the substance within the bloodstream, along with a faster peak.  However, there is also a higher chance of experiencing side effects, and there is a good possibility that the drug will be cleared from the system faster.  Sublingual absorption is perfect for individuals who want a fast, but shorter, burst of Modafinil.

The idea of sublingual absorption for Modafinil has been present for the last decade since the Neurohealing Pharmaceutical company filed a patent application which endorsed its usage after discovering through research the faster benefits when compared with oral consumption.


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Consuming Modafil MD

If choosing Modafil MD and absorbing the drug sublingually is the perfect choice for you, you will need to insert the specially coated tablet under your tongue and hold it there for 15 minutes.  The Modafil MD substance will absorb through the mucous membrane and the tiny capillaries under the tongue.  Alternatively, you can crush the tablet in order to increase the surface area of the substance and to heighten the sensation and effect.  Simply hold the crushed powder under your tongue for up to 10 minutes.



The most widely used generic Modafinil supplements available are Modalert, manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals, and Modvigil, manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals.  These brands are globally recognized competitors for Modafil MD, readily available online from companies such as Afinil Express.  Modafil MD provides a burst of up to 7-hours, which is intense and fast acting.  This is only half of the potential duration which an orally consumed Modafinil tablet lasts, however, as the substance is cleared away from the body much quicker.  Due to the increased intensity and speed of Modafil MD, it is recommended that you only used a 100 mg dosage when absorbing under the tongue, although 200 mg options are available.

Modafil MD is a stronger substance than Modvigil but lasts a much shorter duration.  When purchased online Modafil MD costs $1.48 per tablet although large discounts are achieved when ordering in bulk, reducing the cost per tablet to only $0.89 or around $269 for 300 tablets.  This is roughly a similar cost of most generic Modafinil tablets on the current market.  The big brand names which are sold in the Pharmacies, such as Provigil ®, sell each tablet at an astonishing $53 each, resulting in an unmanageable cost on a regular basis.

Overall, if you use Modafil MD, you are achieving a faster-acting and stronger generic version of Modafinil manufactured by a reputable company such as INTAS Biopharmaceuticals.  The supplement is great for those seeking a fast and intense burst of energy and improved performance while enjoying the pleasure of a spearmint flavored coating.  The sublingual absorption of the substance makes Modafil MD one of a kind and provides a unique experience for the user.


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