There are a variety of online outlets that claim to sell modafinil and similar nootropic substances. However, a lot of these are scams that will either not sell the correct substances, give you something dangerous or fail to ship your product after payment.

Whenever you use pharmaceuticals like modafinil, it is incredibly important for you to choose quality. Choosing quality products and vendors will ensure that you do not cause any damage to your body or health while experiencing the benefits of modafinil.

Duckdose Shut Down: What Happened?

Duckdose was one of the leading online vendors of modafinil, and they had a great range of nootropics. They stocked a range of generic modafinil and armodafinil in dosages from 120-500mg.

As they operated under a legal grey area, Duckdose was able to ship modafinil to locations around the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Unfortunately, it is due to this legal grey area that Duckdose is no longer available.

It remains unclear whether Duckdose were forced to close their doors or whether they did it voluntarily to miss out on charges. But one thing is for certain, Duckdose is no longer running.

The initial shutdown caused a range of scam websites to use the same name to offer unsafe products.

It is due to these scam websites and tighter regulations that many modafinil vendors online are facing shutdown.

Is It Legal?

Legal issues and concerns are likely to be the main reason for the shutdown of Duckdose and similar modafinil vendors.

Modafinil vendors typically operate in a legal grey area, which means that it is legal to sell the substance in their own country, but those in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia cannot do so without a prescription.

This means that many modafinil vendors have come to chargebacks and have had to face angry customers as packages are held in customs. A lot of online vendors, such as Duckdose, has no control over how the customs service within your country will deal with your package.

When this kind of issue arises, credit card companies and banking services are the ones who have to deal with everything. Many nootropic websites are notorious for their lack of customer support, meaning other companies had to take the flack.

In order to combat this kind of issue, the federal government may have chosen to shut down Duckdose just like they are doing with a range of online modafinil vendors.

How Do Banks Handle It?

No matter what kind of medication you are looking to purchase online, it is likely that you will come into some kind of issue with your credit card company.

This is due to the fact that credit card companies see online pharmacies as a high-risk industry for themselves and their customers.

Credit card companies such as Mastercard and Visa have joined the CSIP, which is an organization that stands for the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies.

This organization is a good use of resources, but its definition is too broad at the moment to determine how helpful it can be to online customers. The underlying goal of the CSIP is to protect customers from online scams and unsafe vendors. In most cases, big companies think that online pharmacies are unsafe.

In order to be accepted into the CSIP, companies must be based in the United States. If this is not the case, then chances are it will be incredibly difficult to be accepted by and receive coverage from Visa or Mastercard. This covers most modafinil vendors as these are typically based in India.

In India, there are no regulations on modafinil or similar pharmaceuticals which is why a lot of online vendors have stock here. However, even though this has worked in the past, due to these new regulations from CSIP, it is no longer the case.

Although it is possible to find some companies that are willing to cover online pharmaceutical sales, this can be incredibly expensive. This may be another big factor in the shutdown of Duckdose.

Is It Legal to Ship Modafinil?

Legal or Illegal

One of the major disadvantages of operating an online modafinil store is dealing with border security in multiple countries.

Many online vendors claim to offer free shipping as an incentive to make their customers finalize that purchase. This was something that Duckdose used to offer until they changed their plan to a standard international shipping charge of $18.

This could be one of the reasons why Duckdose had to shut down, as many customers would have gone elsewhere for free shipping.

There has been a lot of talks online about Duckdose and their issues with border custom security in certain countries. It has been claimed that a lot of their packages have been seized by custom patrols in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia which is, of course, infuriating for their customers.

However, despite these issues, Duckdose would resend another package for no additional cost if your order was seized by security.

Nonetheless, it costs a lot for online vendors when their packages have been seized in customs. The fact that their orders were constantly being confiscated, meaning more had to be shipped out, could be a reason for the closure of Duckdose as it simply would have cost too much to continue.

How Does Border Control Work?

The border controls in different countries have varying levels of tolerance, meaning that it is based entirely on your location whether you can receive an order of modafinil from online.

Australia is renowned for its tight border control, and yet it is claimed that the screen just under 20% of all mail that enters the country. When you look at all the big figures, it actually works out to be an insignificant number of packages that will actually end up being seized at customs control.

In the United States, the numbers are even lower. A study by the company Legit Script found that there was often no issue when ordering online pharmaceuticals in the United States. They ordered 29 medications from online medical vendors from overseas, and all 29 packages arrived without issue.

The manners in which orders and overseas packages are screened in the United States is still somewhat unclear. The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency only offer general information about their screening processes.

Afinil Express: Where Else Can I Shop For Modafinil?

Now that Duckdose is closed, there is still a range of online vendors that will ship modafinil to your location. These vendors are just as safe to use and offer high-quality products.

The online market for modafinil is constantly changing which means that finding a reputable player is essential. You have so much choice when searching for these stimulants online, and a lot of these can be scams.

These online vendors are constantly coming up with innovative ways to package the delivery and improve user experience making ordering modafinil even easier and more guaranteed to succeed.

Shipping: Afinil Express vs. Duckdose

Shipping address

Perhaps one of the biggest rivals to Duckdose in terms of quality and shipping process is Afinil Express.

It is incredibly likely that a vast majority of shipments from online modafinil vendors will be stopped during border control screening. No matter what company is sending the package, this is likely to happen as countries have tighter restrictions on medications.

However, companies like Duckdose and now Afinil Express have developed ways of preventing this from happening as much as possible. Both companies make their packaging as discreet as possible to prevent any unwanted attention from border controls.

Non-branded boxes, a generic company name on the invoice, and standard shipping labels and boxes are used to ensure that your package doesn’t attract any attention when going through border control and screening.

Afinil Express also deliberately ship their orders during times of high-traffic to encourage their packages to slip by unnoticed. When their packages are shipped during high-times of traffic, while being covered in nondescript labels and boxes, it is incredibly likely that they will fly by unnoticed and be shipped to your address without issue.

This simple and small change in their delivery process makes Afinil Express a great contender to Duckdose. Using this innovative technique, Afinil Express can almost guarantee delivery as they are actively avoiding re-shipment.

This increases both the customer experience and the company’s operation, making it a win-win for all.

Afinil Express also have a great customer service team who are experts in their field and will deal with any issues you may have when making an order with them.

Payment: Afinil Express vs. Duckdose

Some modafinil vendors online, including Duckdose, use an old way of guaranteeing a secure payment. They would typically use a third party, who would send a link to you via email so you could finalize your order.

Although this did work at the time, it was kind of a messy process and wasn’t secure as customers would like. It was hard to guarantee the security of these third-party payment links, which made the whole process harder to get approved.

In order to combat this, Afinil Express offer secure credit card processing directly on their website. They also have the option for cryptocurrency payments, such as Bitcoin.

There are several benefits to this kind of payment, which makes Afinil Express a great online vendor of modafinil. Paying directly on the website is:

–        Discrete and safe
–        An instant form of payment
–        Avoids issues with credit card companies
–        Doesn’t have to be linked directly to your bank account (Bitcoin)

In order to encourage more people to use their services, Afinil Express offer an additional discount of 20% to anyone who uses Bitcoin. Bitcoin is claimed to be the future of online currency, and this is something that Afinil Express support and want to encourage.

Duckdose did not offer any kind of variation on payment, which limited the discounts they could offer and the overall customer experience. This could be another cause for their shutdown as other companies, like Afinil Express, are seemingly doing it better elsewhere.

Customer Service: Afinil Express vs. Duckforce

Both Duckdose and Afinil Express are well known in this industry for their customer service experience.

Even the layout of these websites proves how much the companies care about their customer base, as they have been made to be as easy to use as possible. Although Duckdose is no longer available, this is still an important thing to note.

Afinil Express have followed in the footsteps of Duckdose by offering clear and concise information about every step of their process, from the modafinil they sell to their shipping process, in easy to reach links.

Duckdose was often preferred over other modafinil vendors online due to the forum-style educational platform they ran. These forums were used as a place for their customers to discuss various subjects surrounding modafinil and armodafinil.

This was a great space for like-minded people to discuss nootropics and their benefits. This fun, vibrant and easy to use forum was certainly one of the best features on the Duckdose website.

Although Afinil Express does not have a similar forum on their website as of yet, they have still followed in the footsteps of Duckdose with their customer service. Afinil Express have made it clear that great customer service is one of their top priorities.

Both Afinil Express and Duckdose offer a range of customer friendly services, such as:

–        Full refunds should there be an issue with your order
–        Re-shipments
–        Fast shipping
–        Staff on hand for customer queries

Now that Duckdose is no longer available, Afinil Express is the best remaining source for modafinil.


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