Waklert is a smart drug which is known for being able to enhance our normal brain functions and processing and basically, makes your focus and concentration levels sharper. Imagine being able to push your self that extra bit mentally? How much would you be able to achieve?! Whether you’re a busy student, a stressed CEO or someone just looking for that extra bit of focus, many people are turning to smart drugs like Waklert to enhance their brain power.

There have even been many reports 1 of students, in particular, using Waklert to help their performance at college. This is because students find it easy to study and generally get stuff done while their brains are super focused. We know what you’re thinking, this may all seem a little too good to be true. But it really isn’t. There are many people all over the world taking this drug on a regular basis to help use their brain more efficiently.

If you have any reservations about buying Waklert, especially if you live in Spain, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be covering what Waklert is, what drugs it’s similar too, how it works and the most critical question, how you can buy it in Spain?


Waklert Use in Spain

Firstly, Waklert is the common name given to the nootropic drug, Armodafinil which is mostly shortened to Modafinil. In Spain this smart drug is used by many people as it helps them feel less stressed and tired, 2will help them study better and for longer, makes their brain work quicker, and just generally increases productivity.3


Brand Name Waklert in Spain

You can find Waklert in Spain under this name or under Provigil and Modalert through an American provider.


Other Names Waklert is Sold Under

When you’re purchasing Waklert, especially online, you can usually find it under names such as:

  • Artvigil
  • Modafinil
  • Modasomil


Where Can You Buy Waklert in Spain

When it comes to buying Waklert in Spain, you’re going to have to turn online to get your hands on this smart drug, unfortunately. Most pharmacies in Spain just do not carry Modafinil in their stores. You can sometimes ask for them to order it in, but most will not order it in.

If your pharmacy does stock Waklert it usually only comes in the imported American version of Provigil which is incredibly expensive. This is why many many people are turning to online shipping in order to buy their Waklert at cheaper rates.


What Waklert is Used For

Waklert at its origin was designed to help those with sleeping problems and was invented in France during the ’90s to help treat:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep apnea
  •  Shift sleep disorder

It’s a powerful drug which allows your brain to work at a quicker rate of mental capacity and in turn enhances your overall energy and motivation. The act of speeding up your brains processing ability is how Waklert has become known as a smart drug.

Waklert, as we have mentioned above, is a commonly used name for the drug Modafinil and it is becoming more and more popular in Spain due to its efficiency at its job with minimal side effects This is because unlike other drugs, which usually give you the same heightened mental capacity, Waklert is a nootropic as opposed to a stimulant. Unlike a stimulant, Waklert will keep you energetic and alert without:

Getting you addicted

Waklert is not addictive and has actually been reported to be used to help people suffering from addictions.

Causing multiple bad side-effects

There has been a lot of studies concluded regarding Waklert, and there have been little to no reports indicating any side effects.

Giving you shakes

If you have taken a stimulant before you will know that quite often it is usual to feel speedy and a bit on edge. You do not get the same experience with Waklert.


How Waklert Works

Waklert, essentially helps people to perform their jobs better than they usually would after a lack of sleep. This change in your brains behavior despite being exhausted is why many people refer to this as a smart drug which can give you superhuman powers. Quite often this drug is given to pilots, those in the military, doctors and even some CEOS in Silicon Valley. 5

Waklert is a nootropic drug which boots your ability to stay highly focused, alert and awake. The drug can trick your brain into performing better by increasing the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and orexin levels in your mind. 6

One of the reasons Waklert is known as a smart drug is because of the Theanine which is an amino acid which is found inside Waklert’s chemical structure. This amino acid is usually found in mushrooms, but the tea in your brew also has Theanine inside it. The effects of Theanine works best when mixed with caffeine. Theanine combined with caffeine produces increased memory, mental endurance and reaction time. 7

Waklert is the slightly diluted version of the pure Armodafinil. Unlike Armodafinil, Waklert is a ‘racemic compound’ which has an equal number of right and left-handed version molecule. This means that you will usually see Waklert given at a 200mg dose, but Armodafinil is generally dosed at only 150mg due to the slightly higher potency of the drug.

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Legal Status of Waklert in Spain

The legality of Waklert in Spain can be quite annoying as it is kind of legal but only if it is purchased with a valid prescription. This can be tricky if you feel this drug would help some aspect of your life, but your doctor will not prescribe you Waklert without proof you need it.

While there are many online stores such as AfinilExpress which allow you to legally purchase Modafinil or Waklert from countries like Mexico because in their countries it is legal, your package will be stopped at customs, and you will need a prescription in order to claim your product. Or in some of the worst case scenarios, it’s not even possible to pick up your shipment as you didn’t have a prescription at the time of purchasing the Waklert.

In order to qualify for a prescription for Waklert, you will have to prove to your doctor that you have narcolepsy or severe sleep apnea in order to to get your prescription. (https://www.aemps.gob.es/laAEMPS/portada/home.htm) We have found Spanish doctors are usually more than happy to help you if they agree with your condition.

If you are however caught with Modafinil without a prescription, you will not be arrested by the police, as it is legal to carry it in your possession in Spain.


Why is Waklert Considered legal but only with a prescription?

This is because Spain is in the European Union (EU) and the EU’s rules have stated that Waklert is a prescription-only drug.


Shipping Waklert to Spain: Is It Legal?

You can easily ship Waklert to Spain as long as you have a prescription, this drug is perfectly legal as long as you have an order for it from your Doctor.


Summarizing Waklert Laws in Spain

Overall, it is pretty easy to get a hold of Waklert in Spain.

All you need is to get a prescription from your doctor for either:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Shift work

Once you receive your prescription, you will be able to check your local pharmacy. If your local pharmacy has Waklert in stock, you can directly buy it over the counter. If your local pharmacy doesn’t stock Waklert – you can easily purchase the drug online, and quite often you’ll find it’s cheaper. You’re completely fine importing this drug from anywhere in the world to Spain as long as you have a valid prescription for the medication.

Once you’ve received your Waklert, you can be sure to have all the energy you need to get on with your life for up to 12-24 hours at a time!