Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s smaller states when it comes to land size, but considering this, it has a substantial population of an estimated 5.6 million.

A country is known for its immense productivity, Singapore has a world-renowned financial center, varied shopping facilities and attracts tourists from all corners of the globe.

Just as any other well developed and productive country, the need for substances which can increase the cognitive process is increasing in Singapore, with one of the most popular being Modafinil.

Modafinil is used to enhance work productivity so that better hierarchical order in the workplace can be achieved in good time resulting in better pay packets at the end of the month.

This article has been written so that you are able to find Modafinil if you are living in Singapore.  It will also educate you as to the Singapore laws regarding Modafinil and help you to understand further as to how the drug itself works.

Understanding Modafinil

1 pad of tabletsModafinil is a medication which requires a prescription for you to access it.  It is most commonly prescribed for people who suffer from ADHD or ADD and a wide array of sleeping issues, as well as sleeping problems caused by working shifts.

Outside of its prescribed uses, Modafinil is popular because it stimulates the user so that they are able to keep awake for longer periods of time and it also increases the user’s productivity rates.

When Modafinil has been taken, it takes around one hour to take hold, and its effects last on average for 14 to 16 hours.  The peak times for Modafinil are the second and third hour.  When Modafinil has been in the user’s system for around six to seven hours, its effects begin to subside.

Due to Modafinil being a long-lasting drug, it is very appealing to people who are required to spend long periods of time doing one specific thing.  This can be spending long periods of time on the same project, could be useful for factory shift workers repeating the same task over and over again, and is also attractive to students for long hours of studying as their focus, concentration, and desire to learn is amplified.

The Workings of Modafinil

Modafinil works in three different ways and they are outlined as follows:

1. The Level of Dopamine Uptake in the Brain is Inhibited

In a nutshell, this is the reason that Modafinil is liked by so many people with ADHD.  For these people, their levels of dopamine are said to be lower than people living without ADHD.

Side effects of ADHD are most commonly a concentration deficit and increased unwanted movement.  These side effects are even more common in children who have diets high in processed carbohydrates because they are missing out on the essential nutrients that the growing human body requires.

ADHD more often than not begins in childhood and continues through adulthood.

When the dopamine uptake in the brain is inhibited, the amount of external dopamine found outside the synapses increases.  This enables the side effects of ADHD to be eradicated.  It is also useful for people who do not have ADHD as the enhanced levels of dopamine is able to increase their focus and concentration.

2. The levels of Orexin in the Brain are Increased

The brain knows to wake us up through the use of Orexin.  This is a protein found in the brain.  As it controls whether we feel sleepy or wide awake, it can use this cycle to increase or decrease the amount of energy we have.

For people suffering from sleep problems, like shift workers or narcoleptics, they may be very used to feeling tired throughout the day.  Modafinil is able to help people in these situations by overriding their natural sleep/wake cycle.  It does this by stimulating the body through the use of the Orexin (Hypocretin) to keep awake.

For people who do not have problems sleeping, there are still benefits to Modafinil and its Orexin output as it increases the feeling of being wide awake and prevents tiredness from taking over.  This is beneficial if a bad night’s sleep has occurred before an exam or an important meeting.  It is also a very popular benefit of Modafinil for students who stay up late into the night in order to revise.

3. The levels of Histamines in the Brain are Increased

Histamine is a chemical, and it is most commonly thought to be the symptom giver of allergies.  This is why many people choose to take antihistamine so that their symptoms are reduced, most commonly in summer when the pollen count is higher and hay fever is rife.

Most people think that this is all that Histamine does, but actually, it is responsible for a lot more within the brain.  It controls arousal, pituitary hormone secretion, cognitive function and suppresses the appetite, which is why a side effect of Modafinil use is a decrease in appetite.

When we want to wake the brain up more effectively so that we are able to be more productive, Histamine is the most useful compound to be induced because it stimulates many different areas of the brain at once.  It increases the user’s motivation and focuses to get the task completed.

Modafinil Benefits

Woman working

  • Boosts concentration
  • Increases productivity
  • Enhances alertness
  • Gives greater work stamina and ethic
  • Prevents tiredness
  • Gives the feeling of being “supercharged”
  • Feel more powerful
  • Regulates energy levels
  • CEOs use it to maintain their high status, power, and productivity

Modafinil Comparisons

Let’s compare Modafinil to other cognitive stimulants on the market.

Though Modafinil has been around for 28 years, it is still viewed as one of the newer cognitive stimulants on the current market.  Introduced by Cephalon Inc., Modafinil was innovated so that there was another option for people who felt they required a stimulant but did not want to take an amphetamine, like Adderall.

Adderall was proven to be very effective for people struggling with narcolepsy or ADHD, but it does have a long list of negative side effects, of which many are severe.

Modafinil was created because it has many of the benefits of an amphetamine, like Adderall, but it is not an amphetamine and does not have any of the side effects which often worried users.

Sourcing Modafinil in Singapore

Singapore capitalIt is only possible for Modafinil to be sourced when in receipt of a prescription in Singapore, though it is possible to get hold of it via online sources for Modafinil if you do not have a prescription.

If you decide that sourcing Modafinil via the internet is the way forward for you, then you must be aware that there are just as many poor quality sellers as there are high quality, reliable sellers.   This is the reason why it can be challenging to find a safe, trusted and reputable source of Modafinil online.

  • Make sure that your potential seller has been rated highly in forums such as Reddit, and that the sources themselves are also trustworthy.
  • Check that the seller will ship to Singapore.
  • Does the seller accept credit cards?  If they do, there’s a good chance it is a legit company as it is harder to scam when credit card billing companies are involved.

The Legalities of Modafinil in Singapore

GavelIn Singapore, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) regulates and controls the health products within the country and the supply of them. To sell a product in Singapore, the seller must be registered with HSA.

Unless you have been granted special circumstances by a doctor, the sale of an unregistered health product is an offense in Singapore.  A fine of $50,000 or a potential two-year jail sentence can occur if someone is found to be selling unregistered health products.

Though this makes it very obvious that the sale of unregistered health products is illegal in Singapore, Modafinil falls into a grey area of legality, just as it does in other countries like the UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

There have been times when packages going to Singapore have been confiscated on the border and held until a valid prescription has been provided.  Though this is rare and the majority of packages get through Singapore customs with no problem at all.

Getting a Modafinil Prescription in Singapore

There are four different ways to gain a Modafinil prescription within Singapore and they are:

  • If you have ADHD
  • If you are narcoleptic
  • If you suffer from sleep apnoea
  • If you are a shift worker, who suffers from sleep pattern disturbances.

If you suffer from any of the above medical conditions, it is not difficult to talk your doctor into providing you with a prescription for Modafinil so that you are able to manage your symptoms.

If you are someone who does not have one of the medical conditions on the list, it is going to be challenging for you to obtain a Modafinil prescription as doctors request a proof test to check that you meet the criteria that require the use of Modafinil before they prescribe it to you.  They do this because doctors in Singapore can be fined or banned from practicing if they wrongly prescribe or prescribe without sufficient evidence that Modafinil would aid the medical complaint.

Buying Modafinil in Singapore

Singapore FlagIn Singapore, it is common for people to source their Modafinil from a reputable internet source, even if they have a prescription.  This is because online sellers offer generic drugs at a fraction of the price that the pharmacy has to offer ship to Singapore for free but if the package is caught at the border, it will be destroyed by security officials, though this is incredibly rare.  In fact, it is so rare that the majority of Modafinil online retailers will offer free reshipments if this occurs.  If your package has not arrived by its due date, the company, such as will automatically reship your original order.  If the second order is seized, you are able to choose whether you wish for your Modafinil to be sent a third time or if you would rather have a refund.


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