What is Modafinil: An Introduction

Modafinil is a medication used for a variety of conditions such as narcolepsy and ADHD. It is one sub drug in a bigger class of medicated drugs that have been shown to improve cognitive function by prodding parts of the brain that need a boost.

It is classed as a ‘eugeroic’ type of drug. A eugeroic acts a stimulant, however, is not quite a stimulant. It makes the body feel more awake or alert, hence their place in the treatment of sleep disorders. Modafinil is a subsection of this bigger class of medicated drugs.

Why Do People Use Modafinil in Russia?

Russian people on a pharmacyThere are various medical conditions for which a person may require or be prescribed modafinil. Some of these include:

ADHD: This is a hyperactivity disorder which causes the person suffering from ADHD to struggle with concentration and focus not only on tasks such as studying but also a general day to day activities.

Narcolepsy: Narcolepsy is the condition which makes a person fall asleep at random times, often with no or very little warning. This is extremely dangerous and hinders a person’s ability to live day to day life functionally.

Other Sleep Disorders: Other sleep orders that you may be prescribed modafinil for are conditions such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the breathing is severely affected while a person sleeps and could be potentially fatal. It leads to a whole manner of different health conditions.

It is, however, quite hard to get a diagnosis in Russia for all of these conditions and therefore, hard to obtain modafinil legally for these purposes. These conditions must be proven, and short of constant monitoring, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for people to show their condition to their healthcare professional.

Other Reasons why people want Modafinil in Russia:

Group of people studyingHowever, there are other reasons why people in Russia are turning to modafinil as well. These include:

  • As a study aid.
  • To stay awake longer.
  • To be more focused.

Whatever the reason, modafinil has been proven to improve your alertness levels, leading to an improvement in how you go about your daily activities. If you have a particularly busy life and you suffer from low energy levels, modafinil may be calling to you.

These kinds of drugs are very popular among students. They can really help the brain to focus and to power the body through for more extended periods. Which in turn leads to longer study sessions, the ability to retain more information at a higher rate and ultimately, in theory, obtain better academical results.

Are there any Side Effects to Using Modafinil?

As with any medication or drug, there are bound to be some side effects that come with taking modafinil, especially if you abuse it. However, generally speaking, modafinil is not in any way addictive therefore you cannot get hooked on it. You may, however, become addicted to the outcomes and ‘advantages’ that taking modafinil can hold such as the major increase in productivity and brain functioning.

Other reported side effects are quite common and have been cited as:

  • Headaches (mild)
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

However, let it be noted that these are rare and are only reported by a small percentage of users of modafinil.

What is the Legal Status of Modafinil in Russia?

Russian courtModafinil is legal, and only legal, if it has been prescribed by a healthcare professional, i.e. your doctor for medical purposes that they have deemed worthy. You must have a proven condition that requires the use of modafinil such as narcolepsy, ADHD, or another sleep disorder. You must be able to show that you need this treatment before it will be prescribed to you. It is a hard process, and unless you are already aware of the medication, you may not have even been aware of it as an option.

For any other use, it is entirely illegal and is therefore wholly treated as an illegal drug. This means that if you are caught in possession of or using modafinil in Russia without a medical prescription, you are facing a criminal sentence and could end up imprisoned for a number of years – anything up to five years in prison.

You cannot import it into the country either, the same rules apply as above.

It is quite difficult to obtain a prescription for modafinil from Russian doctors, and the regulations and rules around it are very strict. There must be a proven reason as to why you need the medication, and the reason can often be hard to prove, i.e. narcolepsy.

Is it Legal to ship Modafinil to Russia?

As discussed above; no. The short answer and the long answer, in fact, is that it is not legal to ship modafinil to Russia, because the drug itself without a prescription, is not legal. Therefore, by buying it externally and having it brought into the country, you are breaking the law.

However, that is not to say that it does not happen because of course, it does. Your package may be seized by customs and held, but you probably would not end up becoming incarcerated because of your purchase. There are still a number of companies that disregard this and happily and freely fulfill modafinil orders to Russian citizens if the purchase is completed online. The waiting time may be up to a few weeks as it has to be shipped internationally.

Brand Name Modafinil in Russia

1 pad of tabletsProvigil: Provigil is the most common branded named modafinil in Russia (and in fact, globally). It is widely available to pharmacists, though it is costly and because it dominates the market with few and far between other options to obtain modafinil, it is not widely kept in stock throughout the Russian chemists.

Other brand names of modafinil include; altertec, vilafinil, modafinil and Modalert. Each one contains more or less the same ingredients, they are just produced by different companies.

Instead, if you do manage to obtain a prescription for modafinil, you must order it at your local pharmacy where there will more than likely be a costly fee and a hefty waiting time attached to it. This is a reason why people turn to non-branded labels of modafinil in Russia.

Where can you buy Modafinil in Russia?

Russia pharmacyGiven the legal status of modafinil in Russia, you can imagine that purchasing modafinil is not exactly easy. As discussed above, to do so legally you would need a prescription from a doctor, and even then, it appears that it is quite hard to come by in most Russian pharmacies.

Generally, it is not stocked as standard in pharmacies. Therefore, it is expensive and the waiting time to get your prescription may be some time.

Therefore, most people seem to turn to the online market to fulfill their modafinil needs. These are highly searchable online, and it is worth researching the reviews and customer testimonies if this is a route you chose to go down. The prices vary from supplier to supplier, and it is a very competitive market.

There are a few options for this. The most popular online retailers for modafinil seem to be online ‘pharmaceutical’ companies that stock a lot of popular ‘medication’ and sell it to you for a wholesale price. As a Russian citizen, you can order freely from these companies. Whether or not your packet makes it to you is a different matter. Remember, it is still illegal, and therefore your package may be seized on the way into the country.

Are there any Legal Options?

This may be a question on the tip of your tongue at the moment; are there actually any legal ways to buy modafinil for purposes other than treating a medical condition?

In short, no. There are no legal ways to do this. There is, however, alternate drugs you can take if you wish to boost your productivity, help yourself study, stay awake longer, and generally have more energy.

If you take this option, you will not be consuming modafinil in Russia, and therefore you will not be breaking Russian drug law. This seems like a positive first step.

One of the main alternatives to modafinil in Russia is a drug called ADRAFINIL.

How is Adrafinil different to Modafinil; and why is it Legal in Russia?

Adrafinil essentially performs all of the same functions as modafinil: It encourages awareness in the brain and keeps it going for longer, ultimately making the user feel more awake upon consumption (after it has been absorbed and started to take effect).

 So why is it legal but modafinil is not?

It contains a lower dose of the eugeroic substance that both modafinil and adrafinil contain. This is the main difference between the two. It is also slower to take effect and the effects once set in, are not as strong or evident as modafinil. It also costs a lot less than modafinil. Therefore, it is not as potent, it does not carry as many potential side effects, and it cannot be used as effectively for medical prescription purposes for conditions such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea as it is nowhere near as strong.

Russia and Drugs

The control of drugs in Russia falls under the jurisdiction of the Main Directorate for Drugs Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. These are the officers who deal with all drug-related cases.

There are strict laws in Russia around drug trafficking, drug consumption, drug possession, and drug distribution. These must be adhered to otherwise you risk facing a fine and a prison sentence to go with it.

Modafinil is classed a low-level drug, therefore does not carry as high of punishment or sentence as the highest ranking drugs on the first tier such as cocaine and heroin.

Conclusions on Modafinil and Russia

Modafinil is definitely not legal for distribution, possession or consumption in Russia without a valid medical prescription. If you are found in possession of modafinil in Russia without a valid medical certificate and medical proof, then you will be prosecuted.

It is still seemingly used widely by a number of people for a whole manner of different reasons such as to ameliorate their studying schedules, to stay awake for longer and to stay more motivated for longer periods. It can be shipped in from abroad from online pharmaceutical companies; however, this is still not legal, and you may find you never receive your package as it may be seized before it ever reaches your door.

There is a legal alternative to modafinil which can be bought and consumed freely in Russia; adrafinil. It is not as potent, nor are the effects as strong as modafinil. However, most of the outcomes are the same if not dampened, and it is entirely legal.


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