Tired of feeling restless down under? Modafinil is the answer, you’ve been looking for, to this question we promise you. Modafinil is a tried and tested drug that will help you be more assertive as you go about daily life. Wish to learn more? Check out the rest of the article below.

We’ve assembled this article today as we know that the drug laws in Australia can be quite challenging to navigate. Some would even go as far as to call them outdated. Having spent time researching Modafinil use in Australia for some time, we feel a duty to provide you with accurate information.

Debunking theories is always going to be an interesting concept, look at all the Netflix documentaries there are out there that delve into these topics. Modafinil use is accompanied by confusion in most situations, especially in Australia. Let’s get into it.

Modafinil Use in Australia

Man with sleeping disorderModafinil is a form of nootropic — a drug that helps the parts of your brain responsible for rest and sleep. Globally this drug is renown as one of the most effective smart drugs one can take to better themselves in a variety of different roles. We all have our own commitments and goals, these will always require energy to complete. Cognitive enhancers are becoming the world’s most popular enhancement for this reason.

Those that live very fulfilling busy lifestyles will often find themselves run down on occasion. Fatigue affects us all in varying ways, but to some, the effect of fatigue can be considered fatal. For example, you work at a bank or law firm that requires you to be on your game at all times. If you suffer from conditions that put a cap on the amount of energy you expel, this can be a problem and you may want to look into cognitive enhancers.

Modafinil fills the gaps, allowing you to work at optimal levels without the need for rest. Medical professional doctors in Sydney have been known to take this prescription drug on occasion due to its ability to ignore your bodies need for rest. Anyone in high-level roles finds that taking Modafinil is incredibly helpful for morale also.

Business executives have been known to have strips of generic Modafinil on their person at most times during the day to make sure that they are working as hard as possible. Not working at a hundred percent can be frustrating, especially if you are set in a role that requires only the best.

Those that give into their tiredness can find themselves quite depressed as a result. Studies have shown that Modafinil helps reduce the likelihood of depression to those in high paid roles, such as medical professionals, lawyers, and pilots. Looking to make the right changes to your cognitive abilities? Modafinil cognitive performance enhancers could be the answer.

Modavigil in Australia

Throughout the world, Modafinil is available through countless brand names and companies. Some versions of this pill are a lot more potent than the others. Getting this drug on prescription will provide you with the best possible tablets available right now; those that don’t have a Doctors’ prescription will have to look at an online vendor that ships to Australia.

Brand names found in Australia will all differ in quality as we’ve just mentioned. The most common pill found in Australia (and New Zealand) is known as Modavigil, a pill that comes to you from TEVA Pharmaceuticals. Other pharmacies might carry either Alertec or Provigil in Australia — a pill that comes to you from Cephalon Inc.

Buy Modafinil Online in Australia

Online sources might have access to different kinds of Modafinil. It is hard to say what these pills are like as most sites do not list this information. Online in Australia is a risky choice, but without a prescription, is your only choice if you wish to access Modafinil.

Other Names Modafinil is Sold Under

As we’ve already mentioned above, Modafinil goes by many names and can be found globally presently. All of the listed Modafinil products below will, again, differ in quality and proficiency. It is essential that you find the right kind for you, as you can overdose on these pills if you aren’t careful. Other names include:

  • Modalert (Sun Pharmaceuticals)
  • Modvigil (HAB Pharmaceuticals)
  • Alertec (Cephalon Inc)
  • Provigil® (Cephalon Inc)
  • Vilafinil (Centurian Labs)
  • Modaheal (Healing Pharmaceuticals)
  • Modafresh (Sunrise Pharmaceuticals)
  • Modafil MD (INTAS)
  • Modawake (HAB Pharmaceuticals)

Some of the pharmaceutical companies listed above all deal with various kinds of drugs. Some are more reputable than others. Conduct your own research to find out which companies offer the best pills that work for you.

Where To Buy Modafinil in Australia

Guide to buying Modafinil in Australia

Australia pharmacyThis is a very grey area. You see, generic Modafinil requires a prescription in Australia to consume. Medicines are given to those suffering from sleep apnoea and other issues involving energy. Without a prescription, you will need to shop Modafinil online for Australian non-prescription users to find Modafinil pills.

Pharmacy versions of this pill are known to be a lot stronger than some listed from online Modafinil vendors. These pharmacies will only prescribe you a select amount of pills for this reason alone. Look at online vendors, and you will be able to purchase Modafinil in as many pills as you like — keep in mind these sites charge by the pill which can make it expensive.

Modalert and Modvigil are two of the most common Modafinil pills that you’ll find online depending on which site you are using. These pills are cheaper than some of the tablets available on prescription, but again, they are a lot less effective in comparison.

What Modafinil is Used For

ADHDThe enhancing cognition drug, Modafinil, is used for various reasons, the most common include issues surrounding narcolepsy and attention disorders that surround hyperactivity — ADHD for example. Those that take Modafinil will see instant results that allow them to go about their day as normal; something that many people struggle with. You can also find information here about Waklert for sale in Australia.

Modafinil also deals with wakefulness and productivity. We’ve heard reports that many people find that taking Modafinil for jet lag have found decent levels of success. If you are a frequent flyer, you’ll see that Modafinil definitely helps if you want to do something productive.

There are various off label uses for Modafinil; also, these will all manifest themselves in different ways depending on your symptoms. Productivity is said to be at an all-time high when it comes to consuming Modafinil. Students find that taking Modafinil is essential during late night study for this reason alone.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is something that Modafinil can help with here also. Those suffering from depression have found that Modafinil helps them in their mood swings too. Cerebral palsy is yet another issue that Modafinil helps with also.

How Modafinil Works

How modafinil worksIn your brain, there are multiple sections that each work alongside your various moods, etc. Modafinil works directly with the part of the brain that deals with wakefulness and the amount of energy you need to function.

Modafinil increases dopamine production in the brain, raising your norepinephrine levels that boost proteins known as orexin within your head. The increase of histamine levels in the brain makes it, so you feel more energized and awake in the process.

Caffeine does a similar job in making you feel more awake, the only difference is Modafinil is a lot more effective and comes with a lot fewer side effects outright! We’ve seen reports of those suggesting Modafinil works a lot like Ritalin also. Again, we agree, but this is a lot safer and cost-effective.

Is Modafinil Legal in Australia

Australia sign boardModafinil is relatively hard to pinpoint when it comes to working out the legal status of this drug outright. Australia, in particular, has it classified by the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA) and is considered schedule 4 on their chart, which does mean that it comes with a few limitations that you should know about. Modafinil is, however, legal in Australia under these limitations.

Making Sense of Drug Scheduling in Australia

Each schedule deals with various forms of drugs that come in and out of the country daily. Schedule 1 is not a classification in Australia. Schedule 2, however, deals only in pharmacy-only medicine, this includes paracetamol and aspirin that is used to deal with pain issues.

Schedule 3 deals in pharmacist-only medicines, the kinds that are considered incredibly safe to consume and are only available through a pharmacist. Those with asthma, for example, will find that they pick up their medication from pharmacies alone for instance. You don’t need a prescription if you are in this section.

Modafinil falls into schedule 4 of this system, a drug that definitely requires a prescription to gain access to these pills outright. These are smart drugs that apparently have a high potential for abuse and addiction, this requires intense monitoring to make sure that one isn’t going too far.

Schedule 5 covers drugs that are used in maintenance work, elements that include pesticides, methanol, and heavy metals are all considered within this band. Schedule 6 deals with poisons, the kinds that are incredibly harmful to anyone that comes into contact with these elements outright.

Schedule 7 also has high potential at causing harm if not monitored correctly. Cyanides and arsenic products all fall into this category which is what makes them so dangerous, to begin with. Schedule 8 delves into controlled drugs that are found mostly in hospitals, this includes morphine, GHB, codeine, and hydrocodone.

The final schedule covers prohibited substances, the kind that covers recreational drugs such as marijuana, heroin, LSD and more. This drug scheduling in Australia helps to classify any and all drugs that come in and out of Australia. Look online in Australia, and you’ll find more articles on these schedules if you wish to learn more.

Why is Modafinil Australia Considered Not Legal

Modafinil is considered somewhat dangerous due to the addictive tendencies that generally follow.  Studies have shown that Modafinil use can be incredibly similar to that found amongst those that are addicted to cocaine and other narcotics (1) There is a potential for abuse that is recognised under the drug schedule choice of 4..

The Australian government has been known to jump to conclusions in the past surrounding medication that comes into the country, this is probably why Modafinil is considered schedule 4. The Australian government fears that this drug will become addictive and will cause some severe, lasting damage to its citizens.

Some of the potential side effects include dizziness and headaches, which stand as some of the more common side effects that are attached to Modafinil. Both of these side effects are direct causes from the brain itself; as we said, the mind is delicate and can react in many ways to something foreign entering the system.

Insomnia and hallucinations are rare byproducts of such a pill. Since this pill alters the patterns in your tired states, this is no surprise. We re-iterate, these side effects do not affect all users, just a select few who might be abusing this pill when they shouldn’t.

There is a list of the more severe side effects that come with taking Modafinil, but these are reserved for the rarest cases. It is best not to worry about these sorts of side effects as they only affect the smallest margin of individuals and highly unlikely to affect you if you are fit and healthy.

Shipping Modafinil to Australia: Is It Legal?

Shipping Modafinil to Australia is entirely legal, this is what makes it so confusing as to why it is listed under schedule 4 of their regulatory system. Online pharmacies and vendors are arguably the better way of purchasing this drug due to online pharmacies having more information and medical advice for you to seek and cheaper products; you don’t need a Doctors’ prescription in Australia either.

Summarizing Modafinil Laws in Australia

Modafinil is entirely legal to have shipped to Australia, despite Modafinil being available to you via a pharmacist. You might require a copy of your Doctors’ prescription in Australia to get Modafinil from your local pharmacy, but again, online vendors such as Sun Pharma, HAB Pharma, and other online pharmacies are your saving grace here.

In most cases, the packages containing your Modafinil will not be screened in detail when having them shipped. Which means you can own Modafinil without jumping through hoops.


(1) Dackis, C. A., Kampman, K. M., Lynch, K. G., Pettinati, H. M., & O’brien, C. P. (2005). A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of modafinil for cocaine dependence. Neuropsychopharmacology, 30(1), 205.