ADD and ADHD medications requiring a prescription are on the increase amongst the Irish student population, and this includes Modafinil.  But this is not because the frequency of ADD and ADHD are increasing amongst the Irish student population.  This specific group of people wants this specific type of drug because it enables them to increase their productivity levels and increase the efficiency of which they are able to study.

Certain medications such as Modafinil were created with the intention to improve the concentration abilities of people suffering from ADD and ADHD, who struggle to keep focused on a particular task.  However, students taking the referred to medication have seen remarkable improvements to their marks and grades when taking medication such as Modafinil, despite not suffering from ADD or ADHD.

But is it legal for Modafinil to be used in Ireland?  And if so, where can Modafinil be sourced?

Learn More about Modafinil

Modafinil has been created through the use of a unique molecule which enables it to give comparable benefits to the users to that of an amphetamine such as Adderall.  The main difference between Modafinil and Adderall is that there are far fewer side effects when Modafinil is used.

The original innovation of Modafinil was to help in the treatment of attention deficit disorders and narcolepsy.

The concept behind Modafinil is to promote wakefulness within busy professionals and students revising for long hours throughout the night.  There have even been times where the US Military’s Special Forces and fighter pilots have been known to use Modafinil to aid them in keeping awake so that they can complete challenging overnight missions.

Modafinil stimulates certain areas of the brain which are in charge of the sleep/wake cycle.  This is the cycle used by the body to determine alertness in the day and to induce the feeling of sleep at night.  This cycle usually follows a pattern associated with the rising and setting of the sun.

There are many scenarios where it is important that we are able to overcome this cycle though, for example, if a task needs to be finished and to do so takes us late into the night, to help us recover from jetlag after long travel, chronic fatigue recovery, and shift work alternation.

Increasing Focus and Concentration using Modafinil

Man concentratingThe most common reason for people to use Modafinil is that they require a productivity boost.  Modafinil is able to aid this process by increasing the dopamine level in the brain.

For people suffering from ADD or ADHD, Modafinil has been proven as effective for increasing their concentration levels because this group of people naturally have much lower dopamine levels and Modafinil can act as a regulator for this.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and is a very important part of the brain because it acts as the reward center.  When we do something advantageous to ourselves, this dopamine creates an oxytocin surge which, in turn, gives us a good feeling.  This is how people maintain their focus and motivation when working on a particular task for long periods of time.

The brain craves the good feeling if the levels of dopamine within the brain are low.  This is what is responsible for a lack of concentration and the reason we become restless because the brain tries to find excitement somewhere else as it is not being sufficiently stimulated by the task at hand.

This behavior can be changed by heightening the amount of dopamine in the brain so that attention and focus are increased dramatically, and the reward system function of the brain becomes a much healthier attribute.

Buying Modafinil Online

Buying onlineIn Summary, the best online seller of Modafinil that we have found is that of

The internet, in general, is full of the best and the worst of the Modafinil world, not to mention the scams as well.  Make sure that you have done a substantial amount of research so that you obtain the best Modafinil you can.

To avoid bad Modafinil and to avoid being scammed, try following these points to assess how reputable the seller is and the quality of the Modafinil.

Identifying Good Modafinil Sellers in Ireland

1. Can you use the website easily?

We live in an age where we want to utilize time to the best of our ability.  If a website is not easy to use, doesn’t respond quickly and we sense something doesn’t add up, then the chances are that the website is not as legit as it wants you to believe.  Trust your instincts if you get an inkling that something is not right.  If you didn’t trust a shopkeeper in the flesh, you wouldn’t buy their products in person so why would you do so online where you have no human contact with the seller at all.

Without wanting to overgeneralize, there are things to look out for when it comes to websites.  If the site is difficult or confusing to use, is badly edited, seems outdated and dysfunctional, then these are often signs that you should avoid it.

2. Is Free Shipping Offered?

When ordering legit Modafinil, it comes as standard almost always that free shipping is included.  This is definitely the case if you decide to order your Modafinil from specific places such as India and China because their Irish export rates are so low.  Free shipping gives the company a better incentive to package orders well so that they are able to get past screening at the Irish border without being seized.

Free shipping benefits the buyer and the seller.

3. Is Guaranteed Delivery an Option?

When ordering Modafinil to any country, the risk of it being screened, found and seized is always risked.  The same applies to ordering it to Ireland.  Yes, there are ways in which you are able to decrease the chance of confiscation occurring, but you will always be gambling to some degree.

It can never be guaranteed that every Modafinil package will arrive at its designated address, so make sure that you protect yourself against losing out financially.  Don’t waste your hard-earned cash by ordering your Modafinil from a company that does not guarantee delivery.

The advertising of guaranteed delivery is another way in which you are able to tell a legit Modafinil company, the majority of which offer this service as standard.  You are generally given the option if your Modafinil does go astray, as to whether you would like another replicate Modafinil parcel to be dispatched or whether you would like a full refund instead.

You must make sure that you have the option of doing this should the situation occur before you complete your original purchase online.

4.  Are multiple payment methods given as an option?

It is unusual for sellers of Modafinil to accept credit cards as a payment method because pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies are considered much too high a risk by the credit card companies.  This means that many of the common methods for online sales such as Stripe, Square, and Paypal are unavailable to pharmaceutical companies.

Scammers do not like to use the larger credit card companies either but for different reasons.  This is because all transactions are verified and the scammers are much more likely to get caught out as their background checks often do not check out.

Due to this, if you are offered the option to pay using a credit card, you can almost certainly be sure that you are not going to get scammed if the use of a credit card is a payment option.  They have been screened and pay the high online pharmaceutical rates which makes them legal online retailers.  This is the best indication you can look for as to how reputable a Modafinil seller is.

The majority of Modafinil sellers use direct bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin as their preferred methods of payment.  Discounts are often offered to compensate for the fact that the seller is not paying for credit card transactions to be processed.  A prime example of this can be seen in BuyModa, who accept credit cards but also offer a 20% discount for buyers who choose to pay with Bitcoin, compensating them for the money they save by not processing a credit card payment.

If you would like an additional 10% discount from BuyModa, use MOD10 at the checkout.

5. Have you read the Reddit reviews?

If you are ever in doubt about a seller and want to check how reputable they are, the chances are there is a discussion about them on Reddit.  With thousands of nootropics users reviewing and sharing their opinions regarding Modafinil online sellers, there’s a huge amount to be learned.  You can learn almost anything about almost any seller on the web.

Modafinil Side Effects

There are potential side effects when any medication is used, and Modafinil is no exception.

Common Modafinil Side Effects:

Modafinil side effectsAnxiety
Poor appetite
Rashes (it is rare for this to happen, but they can be severe)
Stomach upset or discomfort

There have been cases where Steven Johnson Syndrome has been a side effect of using Modafinil.  This is an incredibly severe allergic reaction, but it is a very rare side effect.

The majority of people who take Modafinil will encounter headaches and insomnia, though there are ways to reduce the amount and severity of these.

By drinking increased amounts of water throughout the day, headaches can be reduced.

By making sure that Modafinil is taken pre-11am, insomnia can be decreased.  It is also advised that every week one day is a completely Modafinil free day if it is to be used long term, to help insomnia further.

If you would like to learn more about Modafinil’s side effects, click here.

Modafinil: The History

Modafinil was originally created by Laboratoire Lafon.  This French research company found that there was a particular compound, known as adrafinil, which was able to replicate the effects that amphetamines gave.  Amphetamines were popular during this time of research, but they discovered that Modafinil had many fewer side effects.

Once this information began to be made public, a big American pharmaceutical company called Cephalon Inc. bought out Laboratoire Lafon for an estimated USD 450 million.  They did this because they knew that adrafinil was going to be the best drug for ADHD sufferers on the market, and how right they were.

To make adrafinil safe for human use, tests and clinical trials were undertaken to ensure its safety and fully validate it to prove that it could treat narcolepsy and ADHD as well as it was originally thought.  Through these tests and trials, it was found that adrafinil metabolized into two separate compounds known as Modafinilic Acid and Modafinil.  They then required that the drug was increased in its potency to treat ADHD and narcolepsy more effectively.

After all tests and trials of Modafinil were completed, it was passed successfully, patented and was then available for public consumption.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers were able to create their own generic versions of Modafinil when the patent of Modafinil ran out.  They just had to make sure that the dosage remained the same, as did the active ingredients within the medication.  This is why there are now over 20 varieties of Modafinil available for Irish residents to purchase, and, indeed, worldwide.

Purchase Options of Modafinil in Ireland

Today there are over 20 brands of Modafinil on sale, but not all of them can be supplied to Ireland.

The Most Common Modafinil Options for Ireland are:

  • Modafil MD (By INTAS)
  • Modalert (By Sun Pharmaceutical)
  • Modvigil (By HAB Pharmaceuticals)
  • Provigil ® (By Cephalon Inc.)

Buying Modafinil Legally in Ireland

Ireland pharmacyIt is only legal to use Modafinil in Ireland when you obtain it via a prescription.  To gain Modafinil from a pharmacy in Ireland, you cannot do so without a valid prescription being presented.

The maximum number of tablets allowed for purchase at anyone one time on prescription are three months’ worth.

Method 1: How to get a Doctor’s Prescription and obtaining Modafinil from a Pharmacy

Gaining a prescription from your doctor is the most traditional approach to getting hold of Modafinil.  Then taking this prescription to your local pharmacy is the easiest way to be in receipt of the Modafinil you require and fast.

But as simple as that seems it isn’t always that simple to get your doctor to write a prescription for Modafinil.  They only prescribe it to people who suffer from very specific medical conditions like narcolepsy, ADD and ADHD.  It is extremely difficult to fake these illnesses to entice your doctor into writing a prescription, as multiple rounds of tests are usually required before these medical conditions are officially diagnosed.

There are however times where doctors will recommend that Modafinil is used by people struggling with sleep problems, usually due to them working shifts.  Proof that you do actually work shifts is required, you cannot lie and expect to get a prescription for Modafinil – it will not wash with your doctor.

Gaining a prescription through your doctor isn’t easy, and it can be expensive, but it is the legal way to obtain Modafinil.  The general public has greater faith in doctors than they do on the internet.  There is also the added bonus of not having to worry about your online ordered Modafinil being seized at border customs.

Method 2:  Buying Modafinil Online

OnlineA more recent and increasingly popular option, buying Modafinil online is often considered as being much less hassle than having to do so through your doctor.

The majority of online vendors export Modafinil from India because their sale and pharmaceutical laws are much more lenient.

With or without a prescription, it is preferred by many to buy Modafinil online because it is so much cheaper as it is sold as the generic medication and you would not be paying for the patented Modafinil.  Generic medications such as Modalert and Modvigil are practically identical to Modafinil itself.

The most expensive brands are Alertec, Modavigil, Nuvigil ®, and Provigil®, and are to be avoided if you want to keep the cost low.

For a generic drug to be accepted by the Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) prior to their sale, they must be almost exactly the same as the drug they are trying to replicate.  The dosage and concentration must be kept the same.

Conclusion:  Buying Modafinil in Ireland

Purchasing Modafinil in Ireland can be challenging though not impossible.

To do so legally, your doctor can prescribe it and do so most commonly for people suffering from narcolepsy, ADD and ADHD.

An alternative way to purchase Modafinil is to source it from an online seller where no prescription is necessary.  There is always a risk here that your Modafinil could be seized at customs, but this is a rarity.

Be sure to do plenty of research on sellers of Modafinil before you purchase anything, looking for things like discreet shipping, guaranteed delivery and the allowance for the credit card used for the purchase.


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