Indians across the country are recording record levels of attentiveness all thanks to the small tablet known as Modafinil! Consider this article your guide as we delve into details on this drug and its uses. If this is the first, you have heard of such a drug then welcome.

This is a drug that promotes wakefulness for many hours and has been known to cause drastic spurts in work productivity from those that have consumed the said drug. Modafinil is one of the most known drugs that fall into the eugeroic category — a drug that works closely with the brain and the chemicals that deal with wakefulness and studying.

Here we look at the use of the drug, also where you can find this drug in India. With our help, you will live to your fullest potential and never miss a step in the right direction. Let us begin.

Common Modafinil Uses in India

Modafinil in IndiaIndia is one of the fastest rising economic countries in the world right now, providing jobs to millions of Indians across countless cities. Their power is unprecedented compared to other parts of the world where growth is somewhat limited. However, this comes with an entirely new set of woes.

Feeling run down and tired can be a natural part of life, although there are methods one can take to rectify this — look no further than Modafinil, for example, a small tablet that has made the right changes to many people.

Studies have shown that morale in the workplace fluctuates far too often and should be considered essential if there are to be significant changes made in the lives of the individuals in question. Simply look online and you will find countless articles that point to the effectiveness of this pill.

Many business executives across Mumbai cite Modafinil as the source of all their energy. This pill is the reason why they have become so successful in their lives. Lower ranking employees have been known to outperform some of the higher-ups as a result of consuming this drug.

The Indian air force has recently announced that they will be using Modafinil in their contingency plans to help their soldiers remain attentive in action only going to show the power of this tiny pill (Source). If this pill is used to help trained soldiers, then there’s no telling of its true capabilities.

Modalert Modafinil in India

Alertex, Modavigil, Modalert and Provigil are all names that are instantly recognizable in the world of Modafinil. If you are looking for the most potent pill here, look for Modalert. Unfortunately, Modalert requires a prescription for consumption since it is mostly sold from pharmacies.

Online sources are the best avenues to take when looking for Modafinil as it compartmentalizes the information a lot easier. It is drastically cheaper to purchase online also, although quality will vary. We would recommend doing as much research as possible to make sure you are buying correctly.

Where To Buy Indian Modafinil

Indian's Taj mahalModafinil can be purchased within various pharmacies, although it does require a prescription to do so. On occasion, certain vendors will have access to Modafinil although this is very rare and somewhat dangerous as they have not passed the right regulations sanctioned by a proper regulatory body.

India is one of the biggest producers of Modafinil, despite this, looking online for Modafinil is arguably the best outcome here as mentioned many times here for obvious reasons. Try to look for reputable websites/brands if you are going to search online for Modafinil, there are a lot of dummy pills out there that act more as placebos.

What Modafinil is Used For in India

Modafinil usesThose suffering from narcolepsy and many sleep conditions will find Modafinil incredibly helpful. Modafinil has also proven to be quite useful to those with attention defects also. Since this drug works directly with your cognitive functions, it has been known to cause some somewhat severe side effects.

The drug has been known to have many occupational uses too. Various armed forces personnel use Modafinil and other amphetamines to help them remain focused when out in the field. Doctors have been known to consume Modafinil on occasion during later shifts.

The French government was one of the first to implement Modafinil into their forces. France was the country of origin for this drug, which makes it appropriate that they would be the first to send it out to their army — they found that their soldiers were a lot more focused as a result!

In Canada, Modafinil is used by astronauts on long term missions aboard the International Space Station. Since Modafinil is used to help fatigue, this only works in favor of the drugs ability to increase cognitive power outright.

How Modafinil Actually Works

Modafinil targets parts of the neurotransmitters within the brain, mainly in the areas that regulate sleep regularly. As of right now, the full power of this pill is unknown as there is very little research on Modafinil, all we know is that it works and has proven helpful to hundreds if not thousands.

Modafinil is not limited to helping those with sleeping issues. Those that live with ADHD and other motivation issues have found Modafinil to be very helpful. Modafinil allows individuals to be a lot more productive, therefore using their time more efficiently, therefore raising morale to an all-time high!

Those learning an alternative language have found the drug incredibly helpful in keeping them focused. Studies show that learning another language is one of the hardest feats to accomplish, which makes Modafinil key if one is struggling with focusing.

Legal Status of Modafinil in India

Medicine over man's palmThis is a grey area. As it stands, having Modafinil shipped to you is perfectly legal as long as it isn’t ordered in big doses. Purchasing Modafinil online means you don’t need a prescription to buy, something that is required if you wish to get Modafinil from a pharmacy.

Modafinil is legal, it is just sold under many names such as Alertex, Modavigil, Modalert, and Provigil. Each of these products varies in quality, with some requiring a prescription to consume; Modalert, for example, is one of these products.

Other countries have the same laws implemented. This drug is not considered that grand of a risk to cause worry. The side effects are minimal, and the overall effectiveness of the drug leads the governments in question to consider these products fair and helpful.

The Drug Scheduling System in India Explained

The drug scheduling system in India is governed by a 1945 act. The Drugs and Cosmetics act of 1945 contains provisions that cover everything from the classification of drugs, to the scheduling of such drugs and the subsequent sale of these drugs outright.

For a drug to be sold, it must first be licensed. Each schedule outlines the warnings of each drug and what license it is labeled with. For example, Schedule G covers hormonal preparations which require the label to display text that includes the cautions of such a drug.

Why is Modafinil A Topic of Conversation?

Modafinil 2 tablets and a pack

Modafinil is a relatively new popular drug to hit the market for those suffering. With Modafinil comes a list of side effects that can manifest themselves in a handful of different ways.

It goes without saying, but our brains are incredibly delicate, wired to operate in various different ways fitting a routine that we set out before us. These routines can be strenuous and draining to us. Consuming a drug that alters patterns in your body will always have a level of risk involved.

Dizziness and headaches are one of the more common side effects that are attached to such a drug. Both of these side effects are direct causes from the brain itself; as we said, the mind is delicate and can react in many ways to something foreign entering the system.

Insomnia and hallucinations are rare byproducts of such a pill. Since this pill alters the patterns in your tired states, this is no surprise. We re-iterate, these side effects do not affect all users, just a select few who might be abusing this pill when they shouldn’t.

There is a list of the more severe side effects that come with taking Modafinil, but these are reserved for the rarest cases. It is best not to worry about these sorts of side effects as they only affect the smallest margin of individuals and highly unlikely to affect you if you are fit and healthy.

Is it Legal to Ship Modafinil to India?

Short answer: yes it is completely legal to have Modafinil shipped to India. We would actually recommend that you purchase this drug from online sources. Modafinil is expensive and is hard to discover in pharmacies across the country. With the internet, you have all you need to find what works for you.

You should be made aware that there are multiple versions of Modafinil available to you. The cheaper the pill, the less effective it is outright. Those who have this pill prescribed to them will have access to the most potent version possible.

Buying Modafinil online is a grey area, one that is quite difficult to pinpoint. Pharmacies will ask for a prescription to have access to this pill, yet it isn’t wholly illegal to buy this pill from an online source to consume. It is incredibly easy to purchase Modafinil online also, which adds to the confusion.

Websites will vary in quality. Try to stay with reputable sites for maximum effect and products that are consistent. Great risks are taken should one use a previously unknown website to buy Modafinil. When used recreationally this drug can be dangerous, so consume with caution if you have made a purchase of your own.

Indian Modafinil Laws in Summary

Modafinil is readily available to any Indian who wishes to feel more attentive. It is entirely legal to purchase and consume Modafinil in India and has been for quite a while now. It can be purchased online and via the appropriate vendors without the need for a prescription.

If you happen to be carrying large quantities of Modafinil with you, this can cause suspicion. Try to limit how much you have on your person at all times. You may have your Modafinil taken from you if you do not have a prescription. It often happens so keep it at home if you are worried.

Many pharmacies do not have this product in stock, which is why you should look online at what is on offer to you. Modafinil by the pill is relatively cheap when purchased from the internet, making it an accessible option to anyone suffering without an answer.